Cover image: Pope Francis delivers the Urbi and Orbi ("To the City and To the World") prayer in an empty St. Peter's Square Friday evening. Yara Nardi/POOL/AFP via Getty Images


by Fr Cedric Prakash SJ
  29 March 2020



Fr. Cedric Prakash | Jagadish Christian.Com         


We come to you today

dear heavenly and loving Father

as your children, as one family

with deep faith and a total surrender to your will


We come to you today

at a time when our world is gripped with the pandemic due to COVID 19

thousands have died everywhere and many more are affected;

because of the lack of a scientific cure, fear and uncertainty rule the lives of many


We come to you today

trusting in your loving providence

fully assured that you care for all of us

and that you will protect us from every harm


We come to you today

imploring that you heal all those who are affected in any way

that you comfort all those who have lost a loved one

and give hope to the faint of heart


We come to you today

praying that you bless all the caregivers and the support staff

those in authority and those entrusted with our well-being

all who are giving of their best to address this serious reality


We come to you today

asking for your mercy on the poor and the vulnerable,

the daily wage earners, the unemployed, the hungry

those who are lonely and those who are unable to cope with this pandemic


We come to you today

thanking you

for all the abundant graces and blessings

you constantly shower upon us even during this time of crisis


We come to you today

seeking your strength

that inspite of all the difficulties we face

we may only see your hand at work today

Mary our Mother, Health of the Sick

intercede for us, to Jesus your loving Son!





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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    This author suggests that our loving God will not move unless you pray to him, cajole him, praise him and beg him.  I think that God ought to be above all these base niceties which are characteristic of  earthly beings in authority.  I would think that if there is a God, that God ought to be omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and  has to know everything even before a thing begin to play out such as the current Covid – 19 crisis.  He surely ought to know when it will end and how many will not survive and who they are.  I would imagine such a God would not expect anything more than a simple "Thank you" every morning when one wakes up.  Anything more would be as good as turning God a monster and a thug equal to a power and authority wielding earthling that needs to appeased, prayed to and praised. 

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