Pope hasn’t watched TV Since promise to Virgin of Carmen in 1990

Rome (Matters India)— Pope Francis has claimed that he hasn’t watched TV since 1990 after making a promise to the Virgin Mary.

The Pope said that he didn’t even watch the matches of his football team San Lorenzo de Almagro back in Buenos Aires, but got a Swiss Guard to update him regularly on match results and league table positions.In an interview with an Argentinian newspaper he said there was no particular reason for his vow- he simply decided: ‘It’s not for me.’

He told La Voz del Pueblo: ‘I have not watched TV since 1990. It’s a promise that I made the Virgin of Carmen on the night of 15 July 1990. I told myself: ‘It’s not for me’.There were no exceptions, the Argentinian pope, a card-carrying fan of the football side, insisted. ‘I watch nothing…’There is a Swiss Guard that every week tells me the results and how we are doing in the league table.’

The Pope said that he doesn’t surf the internet either, and reads only one newspaper for ten minutes in the morning, Mailoneline reported .Francis who has kept up a whirlwind of work since his election two years ago has previously claimed that he has not had a holiday since 1994.But he acknowledged in the interview that the workload was taking its toll.

He admitted: ‘I am under pressure. All those in government are under pressure. At the moment I feel the workload. I have a strong pace of work at the moment – it’s the end of the school year syndrome with the focus on getting everything done before the end of June. There are a thousand things to be done and there are problems. ‘

Francis claimed that he had never dreamed of being pope – nor had he dreamed of being president or an army general.’Since accepting the role he missed being able to walk in the street- and go for a pizza. ‘Take-away is not the same, he said. ‘You have to go there.’

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  1. almayasabdam says:

    Zachariyas Nedunkanal wrote: These are great words from a great man. But there's nothing peculiar about it except the insight that electronic gadgets like the TV have not much to offer towards building one's character nor towards peace of mind. Quite the contrary. Too much information and worse, too much entertainment is going to harm anyone. 

    I'm glad that the Pope made it known to the world so that at least a few will be inspired to fast on the luxury of constant distraction. I can't tell the date, but since about the beginning of 1990, myself and my wife don't watch the TV. Nor do we subscribe any newspaper. We get the essential news about the goings on around from somewhere. More is not needed at all. In Europe, I can say, there are at a few programs that is worthwhile watching, discussions on current political and social affairs. But in Canada or the USA, what the TV puts out is just rubbish. In India it is worse. 99.9% of the stuff you get to watch will destroy your time and soul. Any prudent parents will have to take the decision to throw away the TV-set as soon as they have the first child. One of the precautions the Pope has suggested for the integrity of the family is avoiding TV. I agree with him fully.

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