Pope Greets Members – He Established to Fight Human Trafficking


Christ could also say, ‘I was abused, exploited, enslaved, and you came to my aid’

(Note: Look at the Supreme Pastor Francis! Yes CCV is imploring Prelates, Princes and all Red hats, in India specially, to become just a  pastor like this old man nearing 80 but never tired of commenting on everyday happenings to bring “good news to the poor, liberation to the downtrodden, freedom to the enslaved, solace to the suffering etc,” all of which Jesus proclaimed as the essential ingredients of  his Nazareth manifesto. Prelates and princes! What has happened to your tongues  — the only organ which should be active 24 hours a day to preach the good news, as did Jesus, as does Francis Pappa. Recall those who spoke in tongues in apostolic times and compare it to your inability to speak in your own tongue!

Francis is pastor par excellence — speaking, speaking, speaking, yes speaking, pleading and exhorting all the time — an example of “Church in Dialogue”, connecting all the time with the wounded and dying in the Battlefield-church, the only church that has reason to exist, (not the crores worth brick and mortar extravaganza proclaiming money power and human pride), the only church which  should at first proclaim the humility and simplicity and self-emptying of the bare foot preacher par excellence JESUS whose glorious triumphal march was a ride on a donkey as his Limousine.

A silent church, a dumb church, a church of prelates that opens not its mouth is a dead church that needs must be buried instantly before it starts stinking and poisoning the environment. If you, the prelates of the world and India in the first place, can’t imitate even distantly the untiring preacher Francis, either you get rid of him (some of you are reportedly praying for his instant death) or get rid of yourselves as a road-block, imitating Benedict. In the words of the Baptist: “Make straight the way of the Lord” by retiring, imitating Benedict.

“Good news to the poor” is the core of Jesus’ unfinished mission to the world. That mission cannot be continued or fulfilled by a bunch of peacocking prelates with closed mouths, tight lips and blind eyes on burning issues surrounding them, like Nero playing the fiddle when Rome is burning. They are weeds in His vineyard, wolves in sheeps’ clothing, Sauls riding high horses from James KottorJerusalam to Damascus, who must be sent sprawling on the ground speechless and blind, if they don’t mend their ways. james kottoor, editor)

Pope Francis today received around a hundred members of the “Santa Marta Group” on the occasion of the third Conference of this international organisation against human trafficking.

Launched in 2014 by Pope Francis and chaired by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, archbishop of Westminster, the Santa Marta Group is composed of police chiefs, bishops, religious sisters and representatives from civil society, and aims to forge relationships of trust between police and the Church, especially religious sisters, enabling this crime to be defeated and the victims to be accompanied, assisted, and ultimately reintegrated into society.

Since 2014 the Santa Marta Group has held conferences in England and Spain, and along with the Holy See permanent observer jointly organised a conference at the United Nations. It has also held regional meetings in Latin America, Africa and Asia, as well as a conference in Ireland to focus on the maritime industry.

The Holy Father cordially greeted the members of the Group and emphasised that human trafficking represents one of the greatest challenges of our time.

“The Santa Marta Group, which brings together ecclesiastical and civil authorities, is making an important contribution to combating the social scourge of human trafficking, linked to new forms of slavery, whose victims are men and women, often minors, exploited on account of their poverty and marginalisation. As I wrote to you a year ago on the occasion of your meeting at El Escorial, what is needed is a concerted, active and consistent effort both to eliminate the causes of this complex phenomenon, and to encounter, assist and accompany those who fall into the snares of trafficking. Unfortunately, the number of these victims, according to international organisations, is growing year by year. They are the most defenceless, who are robbed of their dignity, their physical and psychological integrity, and even their life”.

“Dear friends, I thank you and I encourage you to continue in your efforts. The Lord will know how to compensate for what is done to the least in today’s society. He said, ‘I was hungry, I was thirsty’, and you helped me; today He could also say, ‘I was abused, exploited, enslaved, and you came to my aid.’
“I continue to accompany you with my closeness and my prayer. And you too, please, pray for me,” Francis concluded.

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