Pope blesses marriage of flight crew couple


In La Croix International staff, Chile,

January 19, 2018



James kottoor

         (Note:  This is posted just because of its uniqueness. This is the first happening in history, because we have a Pope who gives an example of how the Church should respond to the needs of the moment, without wasting time to long dead traditions of the Church.

        Thus Francis preaches through his action to his pastors how to respond to the needs of the moment without delay. Are the priests and bishops ready to imitate him today to make the church up to date. james, editor ccv.)


Read below report in La Croix, the French daily

Pope Francis blessed the marriage of a flight crew couple of a LatAm airlines plane that flew him from Santiago to Iquiqie, Chile.

LatAm flight steward Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriaga approached the pope during the Jan. 18 flight and asked for a blessing for him and his wife, stewardess Paula Podest Ruiz.


He told Pope Francis they were civilly married and had planned their church wedding in February 2010. But earthquake destroyed their parish church in Santiago, he said.

The pope immediately asked if they wanted to get married. Everything then swiftly fell into place, with Cuiffardi asking president of LatAm airline, Ignacio Cueto, to be his best man.

One of the Vatican prelates drew up a handwritten marriage certificate. "The pope said it was historic! Never has a pope performed a wedding on a plane!" Ciuffardi told journalists.

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