The Poor go Poorer – MPLAD Funds Part 2 (Final)

Isaac GomesFurther to the 18th July 2017 article on “How Our MPs spend their Rs 5 Crore-a-Year MPLAD Funds”, given below is a list of projects which can be funded through MPLAD Scheme.  This is a sector-wise list of illustrative works under MPLADS as per MPLADS Guidelines June 2016, and is subject to revision. This is not to be treated as an exhaustive list of projects/master list of eligible items under MPLADS. But it will act as a roadmap for our community leaders and members in all dioceses to know the heads they can suggest for tapping of MPLAD funds.  Bearing in mind the local priorities, they have to work out the projects along with their MP.  At times our MPs might prove to be a hard nut to crack.  Therefore, it is also a good test for members of our Laity to let our MPs know that they are aware of their eligibility and make their presence visible in community development. If our MPs can sing in one chorus across party lines for hiking up their salary and perquisites, our community leaders too can demand more accountability of MPs and also MLAs to their constituency and to the country at large. Isaac Gomes, Associate Editor, CCV).







1. Tube wells 

2. Water tanks

3. Hand pumps

4. Water tankers

5. Piped Drinking Water Supply

6. Other works for providing drinking water

Sector Code will be : 01.  Scheme Code will be 001 for tubewells till 005.  For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.







1. Building for Government educational institutions

2. Buildings for Government aided/un-aided

educational institutions

3. Computers for Govt. and Govt. aided educational Institutions

 4. Construction of Dining Halls and Kitchen with Fixed Purifier and Solar Geyser for Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

5. Other projects for educational institutions

Sector Code for Education will be : 02. Scheme Code will be 001 for Building for Government Institutions till 004 for Mid-Day Meal Scheme. For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.




1. Projects for lighting of public streets and places 

2. Projects of Govt. Agencies for improvement of Electricity distribution infrastructure 

3. Others 

Sector Code will be : 03.  Scheme Code will be 001 for Street Lighting Projects till 002 for improvement of Electric Distribution Infrastructure. For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.





1. Buildings for hospitals, family welfare centres, public health care centres, ANM centres.

2. Procurement of hospital equipments for Govt. hospitals and dispensaries.

3. Purchase of medical equipment costing not less than Rs 5 lakh shall be permissible for Government Hospitals/ Dispensaries.

4. Ambulances for Government

5. Mobile dispensaries

6. Crèches and Anganwadies

7. Construction of Blood bank building and associated fixed and durable assets.

8. Ambulance/Hearse run through NGOs

9. Other health and family welfare projects

Sector Code for Health & Family Welfare will be : 04.  Scheme Code will be 001 for Building of hospitals, public family welfare centres till 008 for Ambulance and Hearse through NGOs.  For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.





1. Construction of public irrigation facilities

2.Construction of flood control embankments

3. Public Lift irrigation projects

4. Public ground water recharging facilities

5. Other public irrigation projects

Sector Code for Irrigation Facililties will be : 05.  Scheme Code will be 001 for Public Irrigation Facilities till 004 for public ground water recharge facilities. For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.




1. Community Gobar-gas plant

2. Non-conventional energy system/devices for Community use

3. Others

Sector Code will be : 06.  Scheme Code will be 001 for Community Gobar-Gas Plant till 002. For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.




1. Construction of community centres*

2. Construction of common shelters for cyclones, floods and handicapped

3. Construction of public libraries & reading rooms

4. Crematoriums and structures on burial/ cremation ground including energy efficient crematoria

5. Common work sheds for artisans

6. Construction of bus-sheds/stops for public Transport passengers

7. Buildings for cultural activities

8. Purchase of motor boats for flood and cyclone prone areas (not for individuals)

9. Boundary walls for buildings permissible in the scheme

10. Public parks

11. Hearse

12. Battery operated buses for Govt. agencies

13. Fire tenders for Government organizations

14. Other public works not covered elsewhere

15. Retrofitting of essential lifeline buildings viz. Govt. hospitals, Govt. Schools and public buildings to be used as shelters in an emergency.

16. Early Warning Systems for effective disaster mitigation.

17. Others

Sector Code for Other Public Facilities will be : 07.  Scheme Code will be 001 for Construction of Community Centres till 016 for Early Warning Systems for Disaster Mitigation. For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.

* (i) MPLADS funds can be used for construction of only one Community Hall in one village (the ‘village’ implies a ‘revenue village’).

(ii) In villages where one or more Community Hall already exist, whether constructed from MPLADS funds or from funds of any other Central/State Government Scheme, no further Community Hall can be constructed from MPLADS funds.

(iii) The Community Hall constructed with MPLADS funds will be accessible without restriction to all members of local community.

(iv) Construction of additional floors on the existing community halls in cities where there is shortage of land is permissible.







1. Construction of roads, approach roads, link roads, Pathways.

2. Construction of foot paths.

3. Construction of culverts and bridges.

4. Level crossing at unmanned railway crossing.

5. Construction of Road Under Bridge in lieu of Level  Crossings (manned or unmanned).

6. Construction of Staircase in case of Road Over Bridge (ROB) where it is not available.

7. Construction of Foot Over Bridge (FOB) for crossing Railway tracks for pedestrians/road users.

8. Construction of Diversion Roads in lieu of Level Crossings.

9. Construction of Road Under Bridges, where unauthorized crossing or cattle crossing of Railway Tracks is going on, due to construction of roads on either side of the Railway Track.

10. Construction of Approach Road to Railway Station.

11. Construction of Circulating Area of Railway Station.

12. Construction of additional Toilets for passengers in Circulation Area of Railway Station.

13. Construction of Platforms at Railway Station.

14. Construction of Foot Over Bridge at Railway Station.

15. Construction of Platform Shelter in Station premises.

16. Provision of Drinking Water in Station premises.

17. Provision of Escalator/ Travellator at Stations.

18. Provision of Solar Lighting at Station/ Level Crossing Gate.

19. Amenities for physically challenged persons at Stations (like ramps, separate toilets, etc.).

20. Others

Sector Code for Railways, Roads and Pathways will be : 08.  
Scheme Code will be 001 for
Construction of roads, approach roads,  link  roads, Pathways Projects till 019 for Amenities for physically challenged persons at Stations (like ramps, separate toilets, etc.). For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.






1. Drains and gutters for public drainage

2. Public toilets and bathrooms

3. Garbage collection and night soil disposal Systems, earth movers including vehicles for local bodies

4. Other works for sanitation and public health

Sector Code for Sanitation and Public Health will be : 09.  Scheme Code will be 001 for Drains and gutters for public drainage till 003 for Garbage collection and night soil disposal Systems, etc.  For Other Works, the Scheme Code will be 999.



X. SPORTS (10)

1. Buildings for sports activities

2. Buildings for physical training institutions

3. Buildings for multi-gym

4. Fixed (immovable) sports equipment

5. Multi gym equipments

6. Construction of Playfields/Sports facilities at village/  block-level.

7. Construction of Multi-Purpose Halls for Games

8. Laying of Synthetic Hockey and Football Turfs of permanent nature as per the International Standards.

9. Construction of Vyamshalas (Gymnasium/ Fitness Centres)

10. Construction of Open-Air Mini Stadium with Concrete Sitting Area for spectators at District headquarters.

11. Fixed garden gym machines

12. Other public works for sports activities

Sector Code for Sports will be : 10. Scheme Code will be 001 for Buildings for sports activities till 011 for Fixed garden gym machines.  For Other Public Works for Sports, the Scheme Code will be 999.




XI. Works relating to Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries (11)

1. Building for veterinary aid centres, artificial insemination centres & breeding centres

2. Shelters for animals

3. Construction of Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries.

4. Construction of Buildings and Fixed Assets for Semen Banks.

5. Others

Sector Code for Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries will be : 11. Scheme Code will be 001 for Buildings for veterinary aid centres till 004 for Assets for Semen Banks. For Others, the Scheme Code will be 999.





XII. Works relating to Agriculture (12)

1. Construction of Farmers’ Training and Assistance Centres

2. Construction of Soil Testing Laboratories subject to the condition that no consumables will be allowed.

Sector Code for Works relating to Agriculture will be : 12. Scheme Codes will be 001 and 002.





XIII. Works relating to Cluster Development for Handloom Weavers (13)

1. Effluent Treatment Plants provided that such projects are for the community at large and not for any individuals.







XIV. Works relating to urban development (14)

1. Construction of Footpaths/Pedestrian ways.

2. Construction of segregated Non-Motorized Vehicle (NMV) lanes/Cycle tracks.

3. Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Parks – demo projects – subject to only one per municipality.

4. Community Toilets.

Sector Code for Works relating to Urban Development will be : 14. Scheme Codes will be 001 for Construction of footpaths till 004 in sequence for Community Toilets. 






(1) The works will be for the general public/community at large and not for any individuals.

(2) The operational and maintenance costs will be borne by the user government /ministry/ department/organization. (This element will be ensured by the district authority before initiation of the work.)

(3) The construction of a building (like multi-purpose hall for games, vyayamshala, open-air mini stadium, veterinary hospital and dispensary, semen bank, farmers’ training assistance centre and soil testing laboratory, etc.) will be undertaken only and only if the particular item is duly sanctioned and its operational and maintenance requirements and costs (like manpower, furniture, fixtures, office equipment, consumables, security etc.) will be duly met by the user  government/ ministry/ department /organization.

(4) It will be ensured by the district authorities that the essential objective and regular productive use of the assets created under the MPLADS will be duly met.

(5) Minimum amount for a project: The minimum amount sanctioned under the MPLAD Scheme for any project or work should normally not be less than Rs. 1 lakh. If, however, the District Authority is of the considered view that the work of less amount will be beneficial to the public at large, he/she may sanction the same, even if the cost of the work is less than Rs. 1 lakh.

(6) Installation of rainwater harvesting systems: Installation of rainwater harvesting systems (both for water storage and ground water recharging) in Government buildings and public places like schools, colleges, hospitals, community halls, water- bodies, etc. belonging to Central, State and Local Self Government will be permissible under the MPLADS


  • Office and residential buildings belonging to Central and State Governments, their Departments, Government Agencies/Organizations and Public Sector Undertakings. However, construction of Railway Halt Station, will be permissible from funds from MPLAD Scheme if so nominated by MP.  This will be to facilitate the local community for boarding/de-boarding from the train. The implementation will be carried out as per the provisions of the Railways, subject to the provisions of the MPLADS Guidelines.
  • Office and residential buildings and other works belonging to private and commercial organizations.
  • All works involving commercial establishments/units.
  • All maintenance works of any type. New borings in lieu of the existing non-functional hand-pumps using the re-usable components of the parts of the non-functional hand pumps are permissible:

1. New borings may be allowed subject to techno-economic feasibility and as per laid down procedures of the State/UT concerned.

2. All usable components/parts of the defunct hand pumps must be used in the new borings.

3. New borings should be only for water required for drinking and household purposes and in no circumstances should water be diverted for any other purpose such as agricultural, industrial, commercial, horticultural etc.

4. New borings may be allowed only in need-based cases and not as a matter of routine and it should in no case be detrimental to the water table.

5. The proposals for new borings should satisfy all other conditions stipulated in the Guidelines on MPLADS.

5. All renovation and repair works. (However, works of retrofitting of essential lifeline buildings, viz Govt. hospitals, Govt. Schools and public buildings to be used as shelters in an emergency and heritage and archaeological monuments and buildings with specific permission available from the Archaeological Survey of India will be permitted under MPLADS).

6. Grants and loans, contribution to any Central and State/UT Relief Funds.

7. Naming of assets after any person.

8. Project of movable items except as those provided in Annexure-IIA.

9. Acquisition of land or any compensation for land acquired.

10. Reimbursement of any type of completed or partly completed works or items.

11. Assets for individual/family benefits. (However, tricycle including motorized, artificial limbs and battery operated motorized wheelchair to differently abled deserving persons are permitted). MPs may also provide MPLADS funds to Centrally Sponsored Schemes providing assets for individual/family use, with the proviso that the M.P. will not add or change the priority list or any of the criteria for selection declared in the centrally sponsored scheme. He may not nominate specific individuals as beneficiaries, but can nominate the geographical area where these MPLADS funds would be spent.

12. All revenue and recurring expenditure.

13. Works within the places of religious worship and on land belonging to or owned by religious faith/group. (However, construction of crematoriums and structures on burial/cremation grounds irrespective of religious faith can be taken up under the MPLADS regardless of the location being adjacent to or falling within the area under the places of religious worship).

14. Construction of Swagat Dwars.

15. Execution of works in unauthorized colonies.

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