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  Readers would recall Mr Joseph Mani the writer of the famous book BEYOND GOD AND SCRIPTURES (please refer to the Book's Review in Church Citizens' Voice and in 8-10th July 2018). In this article, Mr Mani shares another...


We too are Church – it’s our Church

  PRESS RELEASE  by chhotebhai   Kanpur, Nov. 3, 2018: How many lay Catholics in India can sincerely say “We are the Church”, or “Yes, this is our Church”? The laity feels largely marginalized. It is required only to raise...


Only female cleric in Synod speaks

What’s it like being the only female  cleric at the synod on young people? Luke Hansen, S.J. in America, Jesuit Review,October 22, 2018 Rev. Martina Viktorie Kopecká at the Synod on young people (Credit: Vatican Media) Note: Have you made mistakes...


Patel statue Politics!

NOTE; (”Deepa Stampam Mahaschariam Namakkum kittanam panam”) Light house is marvelous, I too must get my share,” was the Kunchan Nambiar Kerala tradition. Deviating from that beaten track few critics of Patel Statue have come out with their own views. See...



Cover image:  Padamshri Dr Giriraj Kishore felicitating Avinash Noronha (seated extreme right) at Mega Mall in Kanpur on 27th October 2018. # chhotebhai Avinash Noronha's  (Chhotebhai's son) life is a clear example of a few, only a few Lay members...


Letter #73: The Synod and “LGBT”

Dr. Robert Moynihan INSIDE THE VATICAN MAGAZINE 26 October 2018 "Some LGBT youths, through various contributions that were received by the General Secretariat of the Synod, wish to 'benefit from greater closeness' and experience greater care by the Church, while...