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“COVID-19 and its Aftershocks” – World Vision India conducts an International Webinar

    Isaac Gomes On 30th July 2020, World Vision India, a global humanitarian organisation, organised a Webinar captioned "COVID-19 and its Aftershocks." The programme was inaugurated by World Vision India CEO & National Director, Mr Madhav Bellamkonda...


Where is Morality in Politics? Defection is not dissent!

Editorial in The Tribune, Jul 25, 2020 Two political storms rocking the Nation today are happenings in Rajastan and Kerala. In Rajastan it is led by revolt by Sachin Pilot and in Kerala by gold smuggling! In both the stability of...


The Bible: Old and New? – Varghese Pamplanil

Letter to the Editor  My dear friend Dr. James Kotttoor has put in the public domain, the strictly private correspondence exchanged between us, on some incident narrated by someone called Luke in the so called gospel. This Luke character was...



Varghese Pamplanil       Let me walk with you, lonely migrant, Let me walk with you, lonely migrant, trudging all the way to where you came from.   I am  a homosapien just like you and the others too,...