My thinking is : God if IT exists – Varghese Pamplanil

Letter to the Editor 

This is the age of revelations, these Covid —19 days. Shri. Valson Thampu has written an excellent article “Irreverence of Bible ….Donald Trump”, but sorry to say, there  seems a poisonous string attached to its tail similar to that of a scorpion. 

He says “If we abuse God, we rape God….God who loves the whole world…..God is abused… Satanic industry …” . My thinking is : God if IT exists (since logically,  God can neither be a male or female or even a transgender I would prefer to call it IT ) God may be a manifestation of  power just like energy. Simple common sense suggests that God, if any, would  not be behaving like a human showing love, spite, vengeance etc. 

Rape can be done to a female. Is God a human female? Shri. Valson Thampu, may  be suggesting that  God  assumes, at times. the form of a “Nari”,  or a “Mohini” for Vishnu to satisfy his lust. 

Bible pundits  seem to have come to the conclusion that Bible is a big yarn; to put it bluntly,  a tissue of lies. By all accounts, it is written “backwards’ to suit a given agenda. In the name of this book innocents have been  maimed and murdered in cold blood. It sure is an instrument of amassing money (“moola”):effectively marketed by many  T. V. preachers.  The rudiments of the said fairy tale book was written at least fifty years  after the Galilean was “hung from a tree” by the Romans like a wretched criminal.  Shri.Thampu should know his onion before he starts peeling it in public. 


Trump would have brandished his Bible, like the  issue of “Playboy” with its attractive ( to many ) central spread bunny with no clothes on or some smut tilting book. This so-called holy book is used by the unscrupulous for their nefarious purposes.

Shri Thampu seems to have spoiled his otherwise delicious “payasam” (or “Kheer” in Hindi) by emptying into it a big packet of salt. 

Varghese Pamplanil. 

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