Muslims from Anna Nagar Mosque Chennai go to St Luke Church to apologise for what happened in Sri Lanka!


Cover Image: Muslims from Anna nagar mosque went to St Luke Church today to apologise for what happened in Sri Lanka!



This information and photo were sent to me today April 29th by Arul Louis,  my first and best journalism Apprentice at New Leader, Chennai in 1960s. Once corrected, he would never repeat that mistake.


After one year apprenticeship with New Leader he went to New Delhi and from there to New York where he shines as the boss of his own news network. He keeps regular contact with me.  He was responding to yesterday’s news item: “Terror has no Relition”; See  in CCV, April 29, 2019, listing not less then 144 Muslim organizations, a news item  sent by Dr. Hilda Raja who was on the editorial board of New Leader, in the 1960s  but now is in Gujarat.


St.Luke’s Church Anna Nagar, run by St.Pauls, is where I go whenever I happen to visit Chennai as some of my relations are in Anna Nagar. The act of the Muslims from Anna Nagar Mosque,  going to St. Luke Church with placards in a public display of apology, as seen in the photo above, for the terror attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka, is something to be praised, thanked and imitated.


We worship God and serve Him, no matter how one calls Him: ‘Allah’ or ‘God’ only by serving and getting reconciled with our neighbours without looking at their religious beliefs and practices. Our tributes, thanks and God bless to our brothers in Anna Nagar Mosque.


Some friends get stuck  to spread certain noble ideals and never part until death do them part. We wish them all God’s blessings. james kottoor, editor ccv.



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2 Responses

  1. Nedumparambil Devassy George says:

    This is a good beginning but what is needed is to save children from getting indocrinated on hardline ideology,  It is upto Islamic leaders and individual families to ensure it.  

  2. Almayasabdam says:

    We have received a few comments on this but since they are from anonimous sources, sory to say that we are unable to approve it. – editor

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