Moral laws any value in the Country? CPI(M)’s woes in Kerala!

james kottoor

The headline is from the Hindu of Nov.12. Please read a report from it: “The Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Kerala has announced that its State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has gone on an indefinite medical leave.

 “While Mr. Balakrishnan had been undergoing treatment for cancer earlier, the new announcement is being linked to his son's arrest in an Enforcement Directorate probe.

 “The probe links to the financing of those arrested when the Narcotics Control Probe bureau exposed a drug distribution network in Karnataka. Bineesh Kodiyeri, who was arrested by the ED last month and is currently in judicial custody, has admitted that he loaned money to one of the accused in the drug case.

“The case has given ammunition to both the Congress and the BJP to target the CPI(M) ahead of the local body polls that have been announced. It also adds to the woes of the ruling party in the State, beleaguered with a case of gold smuggling via diplomatic baggage that has led to the arrest of a former Principal Secretary of the Chief Minister

 Money laundering charges

“There are money laundering charges in connection with that case, and even a terror financing angle that the NIA is probing. The CBI has also picked up a case of FCRA violation connected to LIFE Mission, an ambitious housing project of the Kerala government. 

Swapna Suresh, an accused in the gold smuggling case, had claimed that she was paid off to get foreign funding for the LIFE Mission contractor. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, meanwhile, has accused the Centre of trying to destabilise his government using central agencies like the ED, NIA and CBI. The State has now withdrawn the general consent for the CBI to operate in the State.

“While the CPI(M)-led ruling coalition has been lauded for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and Mr. Vijayan had found favour over his handling of many issues, the recent scandals have made the party vulnerable ahead of the local body polls and the Assembly elections next year. While the Congress will be looking to come back to power in the State on the back of these scandals, these may also help the BJP strengthen its position in the State, particularly in the local body polls. This is what makes the story important.”

CCV’s View!

We the Church Citizens’ Voice,(CCV) wrote its view already a week ago: on Nov.1st: “Is democracy a talking shop….Gift of the gab?” That is what PM Modi is noted for. Down to earth, what else is ‘Democracy’ except a TALKING SHOP?  Keep your audience spellbound, to get them vote your fancies and you win!

“One small example: One argument supporters of Pynarayi government repeat ad nauseam is this: “Why should the CM or Kodieri be bothered in the least if their children, close associates or conscience keepers are drowning in corruption and criminal deeds? Let the law take its course, let the guilty get punished!”

Criminal nexus: not a Hindrance?

“Can a father be totally unaffected by the criminal conduct of children and close associates? With such close ties with criminals – remember they are your own children, blood is thicker than water – can one remain unaffected to fully concentrate on his daily official duties? Can any one of you do it?

 “Even animals go mad, nay wild when their brood is caught in a trap – think of the hen that flies after an eagle which flies away with one of its chicks! And you say, rational humans are not affected when their own children are criminally accused, caught and punished!

Cut-thorat democracy?

“You throw mud hundred times on a white washed wall, something is sure to stick! Or you bring 100 witnesses who never saw the thief stealing and one who saw it! In a democracy the majority should win! Is that your rule of majority? your cut-throat democracy?

“If the conscience keepers of Pynarayi and Kodieri are caught red handed, reason demands, they should quit forthwith!

“Similar is the case for PM Modi government when all democratic rules are suspended. In an article below TJS George enumerates one instance after another how democratic rules are trampled underfoot. Read them and come to your own conclusion. james kottoor, editor ccv.”

Example of Lal Bahadoor!

We also have to remember we are living in a Country where Lal Bahadoor Sastri, who became the 2nd PM after Nehru, resigned his post when he was acting as Railway minister. Why? Because a serious train accident happened under his watch and so he did it, owning moral responsibility, because he was a political leader of high morality.

Imitating such leaders why shouldn’t CM Pinarayi or his Chief secretary Kodiyeri have resigned and quit the scene long ago? What is happening now to the former principal secretary M.Sivasankar of the CM? Shouldn’t the CM take responsibility for whatever his  conscience keeper does in his official capacity?

Pitty country’s lawyers?

That being the case the Pinarayi sarkar has no  reason, no moral option to continue in office any more! But then, who in the country follows any moral principles? Won’t it make all the lawyers in the country go jobless?

In this context, it is worth quoting late saintly bishop Fulton J.Sheen, spoke comparing Christian communism of the Acts and the present Communism: ‘The Christian communism’ of Jesus said: “All that is mine is yours; the present day communism says, all that is yours is mine!” We may add, they will get it through the barrel of the  gun!

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