Miao diocese studies encyclical on environment protection

Miao(Story By: Fr. Felix Anthony– Matters India)   : Miao, India’s easternmost diocese, is conducting a series of workshops to familiarize its priests, nuns and lay people with Pope Francis’ latest encyclical on environment protection.

The first of the five study days was held on July 4. The last program is on July 25.

“The world is our common home and we must all work for its care and protection,” said Bishop George Pallipparampil of Miao on the first study day held at the diocesan headquarters.

Quoting the Book of Genesis, he said, “God has created the world and gave it to us to till it and keep it and not to use it for selfish motives, driven by profit and greed.” He also lamented that climate change is taking place all over the world, including Arunachal Pradesh that once boasted of virgin forests and where people had unbroken communion with the nature.

Stressing that caring for the ‘common home’ does not just mean planting trees, Bishop Pallipparampil said, “Caring for our common home meant protection of the Earth and all it contains, especially the needy and the poor.”

The second study day was held at Khonsa, a remote town in Tirap district of east Arunachal Pradesh and the number of participation was encouraging.

“I feel very happy that I was able to attend the one of the Study Days of the Laudato Si’. This has helped me to understand our Holy Father’s concern for our common home. I go back to the mission with determination to protect our common home and I will also help people understand the importance of its care,” said Fr. Shoby of Changlang parish.

The Miao study had 24 participants and 31 at Khonsa.

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