Meet Kumar, Trump’s Favourite Indian billionaire who donated Millions to presidential campaign

Cover Photo : Shalabh Kumar with Donald Trump before Trump became US President

James kottoorNote:This is very much a “Must Read” article which came in The Economic Times”, if you wish to get an inside view of  harsh facts, yes the real TRUTH about the “loot and scoot” of politics in all countries, whether in India or in the USA.

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             The fabulously rich Kumar and his family are reported to have donated $4.2 million to Trump campaign, and to US Republican party “in hard and soft money” around $900,000. In any case according to the Economic Times Report “What is undeniable is that Kumar was the only Indian American of means to bet on the right horse” in the past presidential race. This truth is sure to dawn on you only towards the end of the article. So this is a MUST for every TRUTH seeker.

 Shalabh Kumar's rise          And what is the moral of the story? Never trust or become a registered member of any organised political party but make it a point to VOTE in every election because you get the government you deserve, that is, the


It is a Republican Hindu Coalition, a lobby group that Shalabh Kumar founded, which hopes to be a bridge between the American Hindu Community and the Republican law makers.


He shot to fame, at least among Indian Americans, in 2013 when he took three members of the US Congress to Gujarat, to clean up Modi’s image in the US which had revoked his visa.


Not quite, not initially. Questions were raised about how he financed the Congressional trip – but when Modi became PM, his efforts clearly proved worth it.


Kumar was the first to convince a US Presidential candidate to attend an Indian American rally, and got him to appear in an ad to say “Ab ki baar, Trump Sarkar.”

kind of candidate you vote for. For that never vote for any party but for the honest service-minded candidate in any party. If we help win as many honest candidates as possible, parties with more honest candidates will capture the national election and rule the country for the good of all, starting with those in most need.  

                 US House Speaker, Shalabh Kr and others with Modi in US  During the 82 years of life this scribe always voted for the good candidate in any party – Communist, BJP or Congress – but made one big blunder of joining  the   Aam Aadmi two years ago, believing more in Anna Hazare than in Kejriwal two years ago and corrected that blunder  after Kejri began firing persons like Prashant  Bhushan  to become a dictator.


Photo:   Kumar's goddaughter Manasvi Mamgal who with Kumar attended 11 Inauguration Events.
     Shalabh Kumar's god daugher Manasvi Mamgal   The same is true also with 90% of Godmen who lead all religions, including thousands of Churches, each saying: “We  are  better than all other churches.” The Catholic church often does that, of course not during the reign of  Francis, the present Pope. Those who say that don’t realize they are acting like the Pharisee praying in the temple, justifying himself and condemning the publican at the last row in the  temple saying: “I am a Sinner (Francis said that)  not able even to look at you.” The publican went out of the temple, justified, says Jesus.

                    Just as waters flow to the lowly place, God’s grace rushes to the humble, simple and marginalized since the name of Francis Papa’s God is: “Mercy, compassion, forgiveness”  comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

             So what is needed in the 21st century is a party-less politics and religion-less spirituality, a humane humanity preached by Jesus the “Son of Man” the ideal man for all times and places. India’s Narayana Guru also highlighted this ideal when he preached: “One God, one religion, one caste, the human caste.” And Vayalar Ramavarma, the Communist poet gave the strongest rational foundation for it when he sang: “Man created religions, religions created Gods; both Religions and Gods confabulated to divide our mother earth among themselves and minds of humans against one another, one religion against another.”

              This is the considered view of CCV. Those who differ or are opposed to it are humbly requested to send in their reactions without mincing words, as we all have to learn from each other. james kottoor, editor).


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