Madras High Court axe on 700 ‘ fake’ lawyers

The Telegraph, Calcutta

27th October 2017


Isaac GomesA fortnight ago reports appeared in various newspapers and news channels that India ranked 100 out of 119 countries in Global Hunger Index (GHI)  2017 report released by Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).  GHI is multidimensional measure that describes state of hunger situation on regional, national and global level. It is published annually by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) from 2006 onwards.  It ranks countries on a 0-100 point scale calculated by taking into account four indicator parameters which are (i) Undernourished population (1/3rd weight), (ii) Child wasting (1/6th weight), (iii) Child stunting (1/6th weight) and (iv) Infant mortality rate.  Zero means best score (no hunger) and 100 is worst.  (Source: © GKToday).

If a similar global exercise is conducted on Adulteration, India would rank high in that too, as the article below which was published today in the Telegraph Calcutta shows –  Fake Lawyers registered with the Bar Council of Madras High Court and practising with impunity.  Over and above,  adulterated food – milk, oil, other food items, unsafe drinking water and medicine, to name a few, we now have Adulterated (Fake) Legal Practitioners! Can we proudly call it "MADE IN INDIA?"  Isaac Gomes, Asso. Editor, Church Citizens' Voice. 


Chennai: Madras High Court on Thursday ordered the Tamil Nadu Bar Council and the advocate- general to cancel the membership of over 700 lawyers with law degrees based on MA qualifications from open universities.

The order came after Vijay Narayan, the advocate- general, said persons " who have not even passed sixth, seventh and tenth standards" were able to procure open university MA degrees. " Subsequently, the ( MA) degrees have been used to get admissions into law colleges and obtain law degrees.

Based on the same, they started enrolling ( in the Bar)," the AG, the ex- officio chairman of the Bar council, said.

Justice N. Kirubakaran termed the disclosures " very shocking". " It is evident that the very process of enrolment ( as lawyers) is a faulty one.

Moreover, the process of acquiring a law degree is very easy by irregular and illegal means viz., purchasing degrees for money from letter pad colleges from other states." Other than revocation of 713 lawyers' memberships, the judge ordered police complaints against 42 who had enrolled in the Bar without furnishing proper documents, some even without their addresses, from 2009 to 2016.

Advocate- general Narayan said notices were sent to the 42 but only two replied and one was even found to have enrolled twice. Some of them were engaged " like rowdy elements" in disputes and were taking over possession of properties.

" It is very shocking that without even any formal education, people with criminal backgrounds are able to get law degrees in absentia and enrol as advocates," the judge observed.

Image result for pictures of lawyers in INDIAN court

Narayan and senior counsels for the Bar Council of India drew the court's attention to such lawyers during the hearing of a dispute over the transfer of some MBBS students of a private medical college in which advocates have been engaged to resolve the problem. PTI


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