This has reference  to the article Rear Mirror Driving! After 15 Prime Ministers, What?


TJS George is absolutely right in quoting the Wall Street Journal which said: “The BJP has not rejected all of Nehru’s ideas — only the good ones such as secularism and the freedom of the press.” 


The present dispensation has one more feather on its hat.  That of maiming the Judiciary which has failed to raise its voice for the voiceless and the common citizen in general.  It has particularly failed to rise  to the occasion during the Lockdown period, to alleviate the plight of the common man which has been virtually held hostage, and is at the mercy of the PDS for his daily bread. The recent change in the Gujarat High Court Bench portends more black days to come with many compromises.  Another precedent is Gogoi's promotion to the Rajya Sabha for passing some landmark judgements in favour of the Centre. One is increasingly reminded of late Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's utterance: "Pre-retirement judgements are influenced by post-retirement jobs." 


Dr Manmohan Singh whom Modi used to mock as "Mouni Baba" for hardly speaking, in fact, has done much more that the "Make in India"  or "local vocal"  drum-beating and chest-thumping.  It was during his voiceless regime India's GDP shot up from 3.5% to around 9%. While the whole world reeled under the 2008 recession, India stayed afloat with its head high.  Now it is all bukwas.  The Rs 20 Lac Crore financial package, with hardly any direct benefits reaching the have-nots, is more of building castles in the air than any tangible immediate benefit to boost up the sagging spirit of the Aam Aadmi.


The current  dispensation is also burning midnight oil to obliterate our country's history and erase the very fact that we were under the Moghul and British Rule, including all their contributions in the fields of architecture, administration and other areas. In the process, it is tinkering with school text books by erasing the country's past history of evolution.


Isaac Gomes


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