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This is with reference to the comments of George Nedumparabil on my article “Mamma Mia”.


The gentleman seems to be unable to understand the message conveyed in my article. What I was trying to point out is the obsessive compulsive mindset of the Church in the matter of human sexuality. To buttress  my views, I quoted the renegade Popes Alexander VI, the Borgia and the boy pope John XII who converted Vatican into a whorehouse. John XII was also reported to have been worshiping pagan gods.


Nobody of this age may be inclined to the proposition that the Jewish/Christian God created the universe some 6000 years ago? For, vast majority of thinking  persons appear to veer around the view that Adam and Eve are mythical persons. Lucy and Ardi whose remains were discovered of by scientists are believed to be the first Homosapians (humans). They evolved around 2.5 millions years ago.


I was virtually taken aback in reading “In the backdrop of this, the sight of a pope, the principal representative of god on earth, having sexual intercourse with his daughter should be considered as divinely considered as inspired and pleasing to this god.”


If this logic is stretched further Loths were also “divinely inspired" for having sex with their father was in deep stupor as a result of these crazy daughters forcing him to drink enormous quantity of alcohol.


I leave the issue to the judgement of the enlightened readers of CCV.


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