Letter to the Editor – Jerome D’Costa’s article “Coronavirus Outbreak Provides A Hey Day To The Sin Counters”


Varghese Pamplanil


The article by Jerome D’Costa is very relevant and timely. The Evangelical vultures are out in search of carrions for gorging up. Their aim apparently is to fish in troubled waters. Instead of showing empathy to our fellow beings caught up in the jaws of the pandemic, these hyenas are  prowling around to feed on the misery of ordinary folks who are neither homosexuals or LGBTQs but living ordinary lives. For them sex could be cost-free recreation. Reports in the media indicate heavy demand for condoms, lubricants, sex toys and other gadgets for sexual pleasure. If one investigates thoroughly, cache of these items may be discovered from the closets of these  holier thou humbugs. Child molesters and rapists of nuns, widows and other vulnerable women have become votaries of chastity and celibacy.


The condensation of human sexuality as original sin is the tool of control of the minds of dumb believers and push them to the abyss of despair. The linking orc with sin had emerged from the sick brain of a gross fornicator and sexual fiend who indulged in guilt, thus provoking illicit sex.


Though personally I don’t take credence of the Bible, a highly multilated (or shall I use a stronger term “prostituted”) book doesn’t hint Jesus ever demeaning sex per se.


No proposition, however, logical  and sensible to thinking persons will be accepted by obstinate mulish believers.


I have some knowledge of the doings of the “holy popes”  such as  Borgia Alexander VI, some Johns, Benedicts, Pauls etc. with their concubines, illegitimate children and what not. Some of them had tunrned Vatican into a brothel/whore house.


Some good may happen if more persons like D’Costa express their views in the public domain.


Let me guess that the characters highlighted  in the write up are some of the sin paddlers and  modern day inquisitors. For them the words of Aldous Huxley may be apt: “Inquisition burns and tortures in order to perpetuate a creed, a ritual and an ecclesiastico –politico-financialorganisation regarded as necessary to man’s salvation”.

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