Tbis has reference to Rev. Valson Thampu's article published in Church Citizens Voice on 19th March 2019.


"He will value God as a sort of cosmic ATM, the priest being the gate-keeper".  This is classic stuff from Revd. Thampu.  Catholic Church has succeeded in keeping the people hostage through their sacraments, specially Mass and Confession.  The highlight of Mass is a reproduction of what Jesus did at the Last Supper.  It is a mono-act mostly and multi-starer if more than one priest is involved. Has it got any biblical support?  As a Catholic I can say that in my view it is a complete misrepresentation of Jesus' command.  Jesus was many thing but not an idiot to suggest that to his followers to create artificially his body and blood and consume them. Secondly the sacrament of confession to a priest is an invention probably invented for the entertainment of priests. All these things must go.  People should be taught to talk to God directly without the involvement of an intermediary. Then only children will be free of priestly clans' unwanted attention. 


Vatican should also look at the celibacy requirement for the priest.  My understanding is that celibacy was never preached as a compulsory requirement for his gospel preachers.  

 George Neduparambil

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