Letter to the Editor – Who will (should) rule India after 2019

Varghese Pamplanil

writes to the Editor


Varghese PamplanilJudging from the current scenario, nothing is predictable. But there are pointers in the horizon.


In an atmosphere of lies and more lies, ‘double speak’ and ‘no speak’, portents are threatening. There will be different classes of people, citizens and badge wearers who have no civil rights. The governance will be remote controlled.


While China will march ahead in all the fields,  India will have more “gosalas” (cow sheds) with skinny bovines living  in miserable conditions. Garbage will pile up and the toilets will used as residences while defecating in the open will be the approved way of life. The Constitution will be amended banning private closets. Overwhelming smell of stench will prevail in the air. Research will be undertaken for enabling the country to meet its entire energy needs  from cowdung and urine. Medicines for curing all deceases will be made of cow urine.


Thousands of  infant girls will be raped,ravaged, mutilated and killed horribly. All the women will be forced to wear the parda. Child  marriages will be the norm. Sati will be reintroduced.


Thousands of subsistence farmers will commit suicide. More  and more banks will be in distress, their money siphoned off to tax heavens in the name of shell companies. Those  close to power centres will become super rich owning trillions of rupees worth assets.  They will be permitted to keep their money in Swiss banks. The GST will be made more and more complicated, the consumption goods of each state taxed separately favouring some and discriminating others.  Rupee notes of 5000 and 10,000 will be printed enabling their stuffing into smaller suitcases.   Rs. 10 will be the lowest denomination of money.  Fuel prices will hover around Rs. 1000 per litre. Donkey  carts will be the chief mode of transport.


The BIMARU region will rule the land. The institutional framework will be wrecked and checks and balances  removed, parallel power centres  will gain importance. Chathurnvarna will be strictly enforced. A ‘digamber’ Pol Pot will rule the country for many years to come till he becomes senile and mad. He will dangle kilograms of weights from his penis and thus become  world famous. His consort will wear only a G string.


There parliament will have only nominated members of various mutts. There will not be no states only four or five zones ruled by executive governors. Elections if any will be held once in 10 years.


Just wait for brave new theocratic Bharat. Let us hail it, the home of chosen ones with the blowing of conch shells.




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