Letter to the Editor – Valli’s tale : A Story about How Archbishop Viganò’s “Testimony” Came to Be


Valli's tale : A Story about How Archbishop Viganò’s "Testimony" Came to Be








With reference to the above report, this so-called investigative journalism stinks. It attempts to be a cloak and dagger mystery thriller, but ends up as a damp squib. It repeatedly refers to an 11-page report of former Vatican diplomat Abp Carlo Maria Vigano, but does not give us the report. It is like writing a murder mystery without any body!
The story is about Pope Francis' alleged cover up or protection of sexual abuse by or under Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of the USA, who has since been removed from office by Pope Francis himself. The dramatis personae score a self-goal when they admit that they are "ultra-conservative media that have been highly critical of Francis' mercy-over-morals papacy". So they do have an axe to grind because they are not happy with Pope Francis' style of functioning, and were looking for a chink in his armour to attack him.
Abp Vigano, the protagonist, carefully crafts the publication of his story in multiple languages for Sunday 26th August, when the Pope was returning from Ireland and would be exposed to a media battery. This again indicates that it is motivated more by personal vendetta than any lofty ideals or love for the Church. 
Vigano's claim to go into hiding and switching off his cell phone are further indicative of a coward or a liar who is afraid to face the consequences of his actions, or is looking for cheap sympathy, by alleging a threat to his life.
Since we have not seen the so-called 11-page report we cannot comment on it. It does not seem to reveal anything  that was not already in the public domain, other than to allege a cover up by Pope Francis.
In recent times Pope Francis has used very strong words to condemn clerical sexual abuse. However, I myself have been on record to state that apologies are not enough. We also need justice and remedial action. I do feel that the pope should take stronger and swifter action, including in allegations against the bishops of Jalandhar and Kadapah in India.
But I seriously question the motive and operational style of Abp Vigano. He tells Italian Catholic journalist Aldo Maria Valli that he has something important to divulge, that requires a discreet meeting place. Yet he chooses to speak out at a family dinner where minors could even have been present.
The simultaneous meeting with another journalist, Marco Tisotti again makes no sense. There are too many loose ends in the story. It is more sensationalist than factual and serves no useful purpose other than that of belittling Pope Francis.

Down the centuries conspiracy theories about the Vatican abounded, especially because of its veil of secrecy. Some were ultra-left, before the demise of Communism. More often they have been ultra-right, the type who believe that the only language that God knows is Latin, genuflect and insist on receiving Communion on the tongue.They have also been critical of the reforms of Vatican II, and consider all others as sons of Satan, heralding the end of the world. How often must they be proved wrong?


CCV's reply: The 11-page letter of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has indeed been published in CCV on 27th August under the caption:

Breaking news – Pope Francis covered up McCarrick Abuse! Former Ex-Nuncio testifies









































































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