Letter to the Editor – Myths, beliefs and history


Varghese Pamplanil writes:

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Dear Sir,

Gautam Adhikari’s edit  page in Times of India of 4th instant, “myths, beliefs and history” is topical and  relevant to the present situation in India.


In a milieu,  where vast number of persons believe, as article of faith,  in a parallel world inhabited by angels with wings and ever virgin nude houries with unlimited sexual appetite frolic and roam about and offer themselves to satiate the sexual cravings of unsatisfied human brutes who kill and maim and call themselves martyrs; where persons ascend Heaven physically and live ageless without  food and drink and  need not defecate. Here “unreality becomes reality”.


Added to all these impossibilities,  are myths becoming infallible histories. Pity the people whose brains are drugged by  the opium of religion and believers sleep walk. They beat their heads desperately  against the statues of gods made of wood, rock and other inert materials for boons offering money and materials. The only beneficiaries are shamans who live  comfortably without doing an honest day’s labour. They  pounce on hapless children and women and go scot-free by their political influence and money looted from the credulous.


I have dealt with only a facet of the article which cover a gamut of issues rationally  and factually.


CCV is doing yeoman service by placing such topics on the public domain for those who have eyes to see,  ears to hear and brains to grasp and mull over.


A big thank you.

Varghese Pamplanil

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