Letter to Editor – India no country for women


India no country for women.


The larger question is whom does India belong to?


Does India belong  to the vast majority comprising the deprived, the marginalised, the people who work hard under the hot and harsh sun with insufficient food in the bellies to feed us,  who gather night soil with their bare hands and carry the foul-smelling and disease-causing stuff on their uncovered  heads, the nomads and the homeless, the people who sleep and breed on the dirty pavements of the metros, the families who lead miserable lives under plastic sheet covered roofs, who are forced to do intimate activities in narrow spaces separated by  torn cloth curtains? Alas there is no India to my knowledge. It may belong to Brahmin-Bania nexus, the adulterators of medicine and food items, who hoard and create artificial shortages to loot and profit. India may  belong to the rabble rousers, the religious fanatics who kill and maim “children of lessor gods”. Are not the people of India exhorted to go at and tear apart the throats of the “other” for worshiping a different God for no fault of her or his?


My doubt is, is there actually an India? Is it not an artificial make-believe entity cobbled together as a political expediency?


I live looking over my shoulder with abject terror  in dread of two legged animals who would rape and kill my grand daughter’s  daughter and who won’t spare great grand mother.


Help me God, if there is one! I doubt His existence with so much of pain and suffering around me.


Varghese Pamplanil

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