Knanaya Renewal Conference – 2014

Conference Objective: The Family Synod called by the Holy Pope and held recently in Rome inspires this conference. The Pope during the Synod encouraged Bishop’s all across the world to bring forward to him problems that are burning issues which break up Catholic families around the world. Pope also encouraged the Synod not to be worried that the issues being raised will hurt the Catholic Church and encouraged all Bishops to listen with open ears to thKnanaya 2e burning family issues. The purpose of this 1-day conference is to bring out issues relating to Knanaya endogamous practices that are affecting several families within the Kottayam Diocese. Families that are divided due to the church sponsored endogamous practice are against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Lay people will debate this in a scholarly manner during the conference.

The Conference: As part of the conference, articles on the theme of the topic will be invited from participants of the conference. Selected articles will be published in the post conference proceedings. These proceedings and the records of the scholarly debates and panel discussions held during the conference will be submitted to Vatican through Pope’s appointed representatives for the Family Synod in 2015. Since the issues affect & involve the Universal Catholic church participants are invited not just from Kottayam Diocese but all Catholic Dioceses to give a universal representation of the Catholic lay people’s view of this burning family issue of endogamy in Catholic Church to Rome. During the opening inaugural function of the conference a book dedicated to past president of KCNS, late Mr. O. M Uthup and his involvement with the KCNS movement, his efforts and campaigns against the practice of endogamy will be launched and distributed to the participants of the conference. Knanaya Renewal Conference-2014 Date: 20th December, 2014 Venue: Kottayam, Kerala

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