Kanpur Catholic Association (KCA) expresses shock and dismay at the dastardly killing of an 86 year old Catholic priest, Fr Jacques Hamel




KANPUR (27th July): The Kanpur Catholic Association (KCA) expresses its shock and dismay at the dastardly killing of an 86 year old Catholic priest, Fr Jacques Hamel, in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in France yesterday; for which the Islamic State (IS) has allegedly claimed responsibility. There is no logic or justification to such cowardly and wanton killings of innocent people, including women and children, all over the world. Together with all those who believe in peace, justice and non-violence, the KCA out rightly condemns this horrific act.

Not so long ago 4 sisters of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity were mercilessly slaughtered in a home for the destitute that they were running in Yemen, and a Catholic priest, Rev Tom, who was abducted at the time, remains untraced after several months. Earlier in Afghanistan Rev Alexis Prem Kumar, working among refugees, was also abducted. Fortunately he was released through the good offices of Smt Sushma Swaraj, Minister for External Affairs.

The Catholic Church is in the forefront of serving humanity, without any distinction of caste or creed. Even in France, Catholic schools are the first choice of Muslim girls, as there is no ban on them wearing the hijab (veil). Here in Kanpur also our schools are the first choice of the Muslim community. Several Catholic schools have about 35% of Muslim students. Even some boys from the Muslim orphanage (Yateemkhana) are studying free of cost in one of our Catholic institutions, and the Shahar Qazi (Head Cleric) wanted his grandson to study in one of our schools.

The KCA also condemns acts of violence against religious or ethnic groups in other parts of the world like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria; and hopes and prays that better sense will prevail on the perpetrators of such acts.


The KCA also expresses its dismay at the inaction of the UN, that is expected to send its Peace Keeping Forces to conflict areas. The UN cannot be a mere tool in the hands of a few superpowers. The UN General Assembly should convene an emergency session and chalk out a plan of action to effectively counter terrorism masquerading as religion.




Kanpur Catholic Association



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