Kadapa Conundrum: Which Episcopal scandal to be investigated first? dr. james kottoor

James kottoorConundrum means a confusing and difficult problem or question appearing like a puzzle. The problem we are faced with here is akin to biting the bullet which may explode in the mouth. It happens to be  about ‘allegations’, about the high and mighty like bishops in the Church, supposed to be very holy. The saying is: “Sancta sancte tractanda”. (Holy things should treated reverently, prayerfully.) So please pray while we try to explain.

It is now in the public domain that bishops priests and nuns in india are in the eye of the storm. Allegations about financial and sexual corruption or scandal are every where. We can’t jump on a horse and gallop in all directions. So let us confine it in the direction of bishops for the moment. Here again we can’t deal with all, but one at a time. Ernakulam and Jelandar bishops are already investigated by both ecclesiastical and civil authorizes. 

Kadapa Conundrum

But there is another which the Church leadership in India has not taken up directly but predates all else, reportedly some 20 years old. It is about Kadapa Bishop Galela Prasad against whom the laity have moved the civil court to take action while the bishop reportedly is resisting to appear in court. According to our sources he was to appear on August 18. 2018.

We already published a  long detailed letter of allegations against him with paper cutting reports and over a dozen attested proofs and photos sent by Mr. Ravi Kumar Mesa, President, B.Tech (Mechanical) DALIT CHRISTIAN FORUM, VOICE OF THE VOICELESS, Door No. 26/1/510, Society Colony, Jammalamadugu – 516 434, Kadapa District,Andhra Pradesh. (See CCV July 29/18, and August 2/18). We have sent them all to all Indian bishops but have not received any reply from any of them. Nor are we aware of any action initiated or taken by them by way of investigation.

Two days ago we have received the following letter, again from a layman in kadapa: Mr. Prasad Sambatur, Dalit Christian Madiga, Member of the Dalit (Lower Caste) Rights Movement, Jandlavaram Village, Kadapa District, AP Mr. Prasad, in his letter confronts Bishop Gallela, allegedly  married with wife and grown up son, with 15 questions, to clinch his allegations which is worth  reflecting upon. Both the complainants have sent their letters to the Nuncio, the Vatican representative and top CBCI officials.

Which of the cases of the three bishops should have been taken up first by the Bishops’ Conference in India and the Vatican, the oldest or the recent ones? The Kadapa case seems to be more serious and most scandalous, if proved true. But it is not even taken up officially for investigation. Can we say that a case  taken up already by the civil court in AP prompt Indian hierarchy to break their silence? Equally can we say that the rest of AP bishops didn’t know anything about this fact or alleged rumour taken seriously by the laity? Can we say that the Indian bishops are totally unaware of the strict orders  from Pope Francis that he would not tolerate any cover up of sexual abuses by bishops in the Church?

What we expect from you

All what we expect from our readers is their opinion, which of these three cases involving bishops is more serious and needs urgent treatment. We (the CCV) can’t move mountains, more difficult is to move bishops in India to speak up or act. When Jesus broke up his tomb and got out,  it was the laity,  the fairer and weaker part, Mary Magdaline who got up first and woke up Peter and rest of the sleeping  battalion and forced them to get moving and go to the empty tomb.

Reflect seriously what Prasad Sambatu, the Dalit Leader from Kadapa has to say and do your part to make TRUTH  triumph, you will be making Jesus triumph, because it is he who said I AM THE TRUTH.   

Tail piece

From NCR Aug 17, 2018: More than 140 theologians, educators and lay leaders have called for all U.S. bishops to submit their resignations to Pope Francis, much like Chile's 34 bishops did in May after revelations of sexual abuse and corruption, as a public act of penance and a "willing abdication of earthly status." “Only then might the wrenching work of healing begin,” it said. statement said. “We are sickened in equal measure by the conspiracy of silence among bishops who exploited victims’ wounds as collateral in self-protection and the preservation of power. It is clear that it was the complicity of the powerful that allowed this radical evil to flourish with impunity.”

“Systemic sin cannot be ended through individual goodwill. Its wounds are not healed through statements, internal investigations, or public relations campaigns but rather through collective accountability, transparency, and truth-telling,” the statement said. “We are responsible for the house we live in, even if we did not build it ourselves,” it said….The pope has accepted five of Chile’s bishops’ resignations so far. Two months ago CCV had suggested a Chile like temple cleansing in India.

US Connection

Earler the US bishops had suggested a cell of Bishops themselves to overlook the  cover ups by fellow bishops in US. Will our bishops imitate them?  CCV is also in contact with a lady Dr. Shanon in Ohio, US who has been helping Bp. Gallela for last 20 years in fund raising and is now terribly upset about the latest revelations.  There is much much more to write. What the Church in India needs is not reform but REBUILDING FROM THE SCRFATCH.

We had suggested to the CCRI (Catholic Church Reformtion I'ntl) already 2 years ago what is to be done with the Pyramidal Hierarchy in India is to dump it in the Arabian sea lock stock and barrel, to start a new church from the scratch (like our CATTLE CLASS perhaps) if an organized church is needed at all. Jesus of Nazareth never built such a set up. It is clear from what He told James and John when they wanted to sit at the right and left of Jesus as Prime Minissters. Happy meditation on all these. Send us your wiser thoughts. james kottoor, editor ccv.

Read below  Prasad Sambatu’s letter for you to react

waiting for answers from secretly married RCM bishop Gallela Prasad of Kadapa Diocese, India

PRASAD SAMBATUR – August 17,  2018 

Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Gracias Oswald,  The President of CBCI – Catholic Bishops Conference of  India,

My name is Mr. Prasad Sambatur, a Catholic from the diocese of Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India, originated from the same clan, caste and community of secretly married bishop Gallela Prasad, Bishop of Kadapa Diocese. I sent an email to him asking for fundamental answers and even after nearly 10 days, I have not got any answer from him. Tomorrow he has to appear in the court, and his wife Mrs. Gallela Sujatha still continues to abscond from court orders. I am enclosing below my email to him and waiting for answers. He still protects himself in bishop's house with 16 surveillance cameras, police escort and some street fighters due to his fear, restlessness and anxiety. 

Can your Eminence save and protect the simple, humble and Poor Dalit Christians of Kadapa Diocese from the exploitation and violation of this corrupted bishop Gallela Prasad and safeguard the image and integrity of the Church and funds of the poor and needy?  

Waiting with hope 

With prayers

Mr.Prasad Sambatur

Dalit Christian Madiga

Member of the Dalit (Lower Caste) Rights Movement,

Jandlavaram Village, Kadapa District, State of Andhra Pradesh, India.


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    Very interesting and at the same time disturbing.  Such incidents if proven true will really shatter the laity and will make it very difficult for one to judge the good pastor / bishop from the evil whom we call wolf in sheep's clothing.

    By the way, where are the enclosures, especially 1-4, including the Court Summons dated 30.07.2018 isued to Bishop Gallela?  They have not been posted on the website link to enable the reader to study and reply.

    Also did the Bishop attend court?  Which newspaper covered the news?  These must also be mentioned to make the report authentic.  Otherwise, it would appear CCV is indulging in Sensationalism.



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