Justice for Sr.Lucy – Vanchi Square at Ernakulam on Oct. 12th 2019

Valson Thampu shines offering own home for ousted Sisters!


james kottoor

VANCHI SQUARE  in Ernakulam, near High court, witnessed another whole day gathering on Oct. 12th to support and promote “justice for Sr.Lucy” hounded by the church hierarchy, especially by those in the Syromalabar Church.

The morning session which I attended included people from all sections of the general public. The main items were speeches from Sr. Lucy herself, Dr. Valson Thampu, Adv. Induleka Joseph, Sri Moolechalil editor of Sathyajwala and others.

In her speech Sr, Lucy said she did not come to defend herself as she didn’t need any defense but to show her solidarity with a cause titled “Justice for Lucy” which is actually justice for thousands of sisters enslaved by the male dominated hierarchy and the priestly class who always side with the hounding haunts and not with the prey torn to pieces.

Paternal Adivice?

When the sisters are enslaved to do all dirty, stinking physical toilet work the Priestly class never utter a word of comfort. What is worse when they are even sexually molested by priests and bishops they ask: “Why do you encourage them?” or advise them to “Keep quite and tell no one.” And when the incident comes out, as it did in the case of Franco, Robin and others they defend and justify the priest or bishop by giving hero’s welcome as it happened in the Case of bishop Franco.

Besides the Syromalabar leaders keep dead silence when scandalous sexual crimes are committed by their comrades, even when pertinent questions are asked. They go further to vilify the victims  and employ the media under their control to shame the victims, not the attackers. This should change by all means, but how?. 

Outspoken Laity needed

This can happen only when we have an  outspoken “laity”. What we have today is a submissive and silent laity fawning and praising the priestly class hoping for crumbs falling from their high tables.  They instead should become out spoken advocates for the cause of JESUS, not for the cause the Church and Churchmen. Both are not the same. Jesus lived for the cause of the poor and suffering lot; Churchmen live by and for the comfortable class and moneyed group of people.

If the Catholic Church has any name and fame and adulation from the whole world, I wrote several times in the CCV, that is all thanks to the millions of sisters who serve and care for the poorest of the poor, outcastes, leprosy patients whom no one would go near or touch for any reward. But the Sisters do it  imitating Mother Theresa expecting no payment or thanks. You know it and I too know of the herculean service our Sisters, do for Jesus’ sake not for the sake of trumpeting Church men. 

An aside please!

In  an aside as proof I must add,  I have my 3 youngest sisters working as Nuns and  nurses in Bhihar and Maharashtra, two of them Indian Provincials in different congregations, the youngest Sr.Philo still Provincial and accomplished US-trained Nurse  in the Kentuky-Patna based Sisters of Charity. Besides she takes care of over 50 young girls rescued from flesh-trade.

And my pet sister Sr. Amminy, a BSc RN from Philipines and Homeo practitioner, practices her poverty by travelling only in general compartment, never books a ticket, to travel all the way to Maharastra or Bihar or all the way to Poona or other distant places, in spite of my scolding her not to go to that extend of punishing herself at the cost of her health. I have also a younger brother Priest, Sebastian Kottoor working in Vijayawada diocese. It looks I have given the bad example to four of my younger ones to  live and serve the lowly placed cattle class, although I quit priesthood for good reasons.

Church shines thanks to Sisters only!

This is to prove that the Catholic church steals from the well deserved lime light of  Sr. Lucy and her battalion of nuns, to make themselves glow in the borrowed light from sisters  as the model of service to the last, least and lost, and not of  any light from the male dominated clerical class always dressed in red, purple and stain and travel in Limousines costing crores and do foot-washing service only on Holy Thursadys for show.

Some of the publicity material for information, distributed at Vanchi Square on 12th included a 12-page demy size “Neeti Jwala”, (Fire of Justice), containing  articles like: “Voice rising against Injustice”, a long interview conducted by Adv. Induleka with Lucy; a thought provoking editorial: “Issue called Lucy Kalapura”, by Moolechalil, another titled: “Religious life is not slavery”; “A case-study of the harrowing life of Sisters for which they are forced to leave Convents” by K. George Joseph; “Rise up for Justuce”, by Valson Thampu; 

Publicity material at Vanchi Square!

“How the Catholic Church silences Sisters who dare to question?” by Leela Rise Goldenberg; “Any organization that defames respected ladies will crumble” by Fr. Augustine Vattoly; “Training girls to become sisters at 18 Needs Must Stop” by Sr. Lucy herself; “Sr. Lucy, Safirao or Shining Beacon of Radical Reform?”, by Chackochan Kalarikal, usa; “Need a place to rest my head, cries  a Sister before the Supreme Court”,by Joy Adimatra; “Man hunting down humans like wild Animals”(Homo homini Lupus), by Anto Mankoottam and many more.

Crown Jewel from Valson

But it must be said that the  ‘Crown Jewel’ of Vanchi Squre meeting was thrown up in the speech of Rev. Thampu: the offer of his own house as home for any Sister who wants to quit but has no place to go. Valson had come to the meeting after discussing the issue with his dear wife, he said. So it was a joint decision by the two, the family. He promised such a sister would be given not just hospitality but loving membership in his house as his own sister for life.

After setting that glorious example, he entreated the audience to find at least hundred other families, to come forward with such an offer, to instantly solve the Himalayan problem the Rich Syromalabar Church is facing to provide free shelter for few sisters who spent the  best part of their youthful sweating for the Church, but want to quit. CCV also join Valson, and beg our readers to show there are more than hundred among you,our generous readers to accept a Sister ousted from her Convent!

Shocking Recollection!

When I returned home I recounted the magnificent example Valson set for the whole crowd, to my own better half Agnes. But her response kept me shocked, spell-bound, wondering and recollecting because she said: “Why we did it some 40 years ago while living in a rented house at Kannanmoola, Trivandrum, working for Pulikunnel’s Hosanna? Then we were just a nuclear family of  just three: we  two plus little Santhimol.

Only then I could recollect we two had offered to be witnesses for the civil marriage of Fr. Simon Kottoor and Sr. Kuttiyama, both belonging to Kottayam dioces and we to Palai, for their civil marriage and housed them in our rented house with two of us and with little Santhimole only. Not only we housed them for their first night but for months we treated them like brother and sister, until they could find a more comfortable accommodation. That is a long story. 

Better half, better memory

Both of them later migrated to California,USA, had two children and Fr. Simon died a couple of years ago. Every time I go to US I used to call him and keep very cordial relationship with them. What I failed to remember, my better half did. Three cheers to her. What a cute world we are living in, with zeros and heroes, with know-nothings and know-alls! That is what makes this world go round  smoothly in spite of so many tragedies and comedies!

But THNKS, most of all to my FRIEND and our friend VALSON and to Vanchi Square and all of you supporting Sr. LUCY and our common cause to create humane HUNANITY for which JESUS was born and dwelt among us destined to live as brothers and sisters only, to create a heaven on Earth. May that dream come true, shall we pray? There is a silver lining in the darkest sky amidst  all the frightening thunder and shower of tears (the foolish Gods weeping?).

Leap for the Moon!

Hoping against Hope, we all must proceed and work for a better future here on earth because “United we stand, divided we fall!” Let “Dum Spiro, spero” (Hope we must as long as we breath)  be our motto, our driving force in LIFE to leap for nothing less than the moon in the heavens!

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2 Responses

  1. Christ was cruzified for His remarks against His own community. So, it is not strange to see the developments that is going on with Sr. Luzy. I do not know, why these people preach or praise Jesus who always criticized His community!!!!! 

  2. George Nedumparambil says:

    Sr Lucy is a symbol of women's struggle for respectability if not equality in Catholica Sabha.  All those who gathered at vanchi square represent a microcosm of change seekers.  The presence of Rev Valsan Thampu and his offer of the sanctuary of his own house to Sr Lucy should make Alenchery and company to sit down in shame and ponder over the righteousness, if any,  of their actions.  They will bring honour to Jesus if they forthwith revoked Lucy's removal and installed her back into her congregation with special responsibility to work among the adivasis who remain her passion. 

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