Isaac reacts to J. Kottoor’s editorial note on Orlando Night Club shooting

Isaac Gomes gives his insights into the reckless shooting at the Orlando Nightclub.  He pins the reason down to easy availability of arms like pan masala in India.

13shooter-master180Omar Mateen, 29 years of age, the assassin.

The recent carnage at Florida is most despicable to say the least.  No words are adequate enough to condemn this sickening massacre.  However this is mainly due to the American patronage of easy availability / open sale of arms in US!  Just take a look at the following report Buying a gun legally in the US isn’t difficult by Gregory Korte in the USA TODAY  20 June 2015 :

Though there are many ways to obtain guns illegally — through gun trafficking, theft and "straw purchases" — there are thousands of avenues for legal sales.

A gun store: There are more than 54,026 federally licensed firearms dealers in the United States, according to the 2014 annual report by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Those stores can range in size from mom-and-pop outlets to Walmart, the nation's largest gun seller. Most checks take just minutes over a computer. Under federal law, a check that takes more than three days means the sale can proceed.

A pawn shop: In addition to dealers, there are 7,810 pawnbrokers who have licenses to buy and sell firearms. The background check system is the same to other licensed firearms dealers.

A gun show: No definitive numbers are available, but the Department of Justice estimates that there are 2,000 to 5,200 gun shows held in the United States each year. That's as many as 100 gun shows every week.

Gun shows often feature a mix of exhibitors selling guns, ammunition, holsters, targets and other items.  But gun shows are also frequented by private collectors who set up tables to buy, sell and trade guns. These sales do not require a federal license if they're made between two people in the same state. And they don't require a background check.

"If you want to give a gun to your son or daughter or you want to sell it to your neighbors or friends, there is no background check required," said Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., during the Senate floor debate. (Source: USA TODAY  20 June 2015)

All these easy availability of arms is to obviously to placate arms dealers who call the shots in US elections and control its economy, with Donald Trump being one of the strong proponents of possession of arms.  Naturally a huge cache of arms are landing in the wrong hands.  This has resulted in the US reaping what it has sown and keeps on sowing.   All the well-orchestrated speeches of Barak Obama, the US President are nothing but shedding crocodile tears to put a balm on its follies on home turf.  This includes encouragement of warped sexual habits – homosexual and LGBT culture – including gay & LGBT marriage.  How can there be marriage between two members of the same sex? A day will come when the US will pass laws for marriage of robots! It is defying natural human law and promoting multi-crore multinational medical lobby on par with the promotion of the arms dealer lobby!  By defying nature, the US is making simple things of life complex – starting with high carbon emission, trumpeting of Gay and LGBT rights and trying to force India and other countries to follow suit, open arms sale, while at the same time talking of disarmament!  Though the President talks peace and visits Hiroshima, he knows peace in the world will go against boosting up his country’s economy through mass production and marketing of weapons for mass destruction in Africa, Syria, Iraq and other countries which love the gun-totting culture.  The US knows peace in the world will not promote the sale of its arms, but anarchy will.  It is paying the price for being at cross purposes. 

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