Isaac Gomes from Kolkota on Family Survey

Dear Dr Kottoor,

Issac gomesThe attached document will give answer to your search for the CBCI  Survey on Families.  Actually it was conducted by The Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI) 
Indeed in the attached document there is mention of the survey repondents being 50,000.  There is however no authetic evidence to this claim. 
The analysis of the Respondents is quite interesting: 

  • Laity forming 89.4%
  • Clergy 1.8%
  • Religious 8.8% 

Still the Laity prefers to be a sleeping giant. One priest at the top sent this to me for my feedback. For understandable reasons, his name cannot be disclosed.  The feedback on the Questionnaire I sent is also attached with the following corollary:
Dear Fr….
It will be very helpful if the FSS Report is circulated among the various dioceses for their information and feedback.
It can be started in Calcutta Archdiocese and may be linked to Family Database of each parish. 

Trust this will meet your requirements.


Isaac from Kolkata

CCV replies:

Dear Isaac Gomes, 

      Thank you,  Isaac,  very much for your reply. I thought you must have been sick or out of station from your  kottorlong silence these days. I am forwarding your letter and comments for publication in our Church Citizens Voice for wider publicity. 
      There are many questions in my mind for which I have to find answers still:
1. Why did the bishops conduct the survey almost clandestinely, without announcing it publicly to the church in India through parishes, and church media, since Pope Francis had explicitly said it should be done transparently, with public discussion and participation and we were reminding  them of it.
 2. Where are the questionnaires printed and distributed?  I have not seen one and no one of my contacts in various parts of India could tell me anything about it, except you from Kolkotta now.
 3. Why didn't the Survey managers publish at least a summary of actual responses received from the faithful especially on burning issues and shameful practices in the Church like the racial pure blood marriages. 
  4. In spite of several memorandums and petitions to the bishops, didn't they even take it up for discussion and resolution.Then it would be like a doctor inspecting a patient with serious cancer in his lungs and saying: Only a small organ in the body is affected, so just forget it, don't speak of it or treat it now.
     So I am forwarding your letter to my co-editors Mattappally and Zac who are better experts to take out clearly your various messages in one email (I am not an expert at it) and publish them in our CCV for the benefit of the general public.
      The CBCI to my understanding has done a clandestine survey without announcing it public. It happens to be also a partisan survey because for them only Latins exist. I have written to both Alancherry and Cleemis but I have not received a reply yet. I may never get one perhaps. At least let us (CCV) now make it public as the Pope wants it. We also want to find out what were the responses from the public which is not given in the CBCi website.
       So dear Jose and Zach kindly reproduce the contents of  the Email or the substance of what Isac Gomes has to say in our CCV.  After going through it once more and after comparing it also with what the Voice of Laity, Bombay has to say, I shall write an editorial comment. 
       I hope Isac Gomes saw how the editor of Laitytude cooperated in publishing my letter and my response to him, both of which are now published in Laitytude and CCV. So let us keep in touch and work together. My special thanks to Isaac Gomes once again. james kottoor


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