Isaac Gomes dissects the article “Do justice to India’s gays, scrap 377”

With reference to the article Do Justice to India’s Gays, Scrap  377 – Rainbow of hope?  Will India vote for an LGBT resolution at UN?

I am really astounded at the hullabaloo being raised by the Indian Press and certain sections of people with vested interests, about Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT).  From the well-orchestrated media hype, it appears as if no other problem in India is more pressing ("talk of the town") than the LGBT issue!

If the US and Ireland have legalised gay unions, does it justify that India follow them as the disciples followed Jesus? Population Sex Ratio in India as per Census 2011 is 940 females per 1000 males.  If female foeticide is stopped we will have a healthy 1:1 male female ratio.  So why should we ape the unnatural sexual orientation of the West?

It is mentioned in the report that “for the first time in history UN is to move a resolution brought by six Latin American Countries to be voted on June 29th to declare LGBT life style as part of Right to Life. Will India vote saying: Yes?

The answer is CERTAINLY NO – India should not follow herd mentality.  It has all the right to disagree based on its own conviction and cultural situations, as China has done by putting its foot down to thwart India’s entry into NSG club.

“The Pope’s coming out strongly just two days ago a most forceful instruction bordering on command, urging the Roman Catholic Church to ask for pardon from LGBT sections for the past injustices they have done to them", is nothing but a calculated diplomatic move by him in the light of Orlando massacre.  Historically all our Popes have taken care to be on good terms with the US and Pope Francis is no exception.  Between Donald Trump and Mrs Hillary Clinton, he considers the latter to have more chances of winning the US election and more pro Vatican too. Seeing her march with the LGBT lobby (with the intent to get their votes), he timed his decree on the Catholic Church on LGBT issues knowing full well that this would not be heeded by most. The big multinational pharmaceutical companies, mainly based in the US, must have pumped in billions of dollars into the kitties of political parties and also that of the Vatican (which itself has become a hospital with the Curia full of gays – a deepset disease which besides financial corruption forced Pope Benedict throw his hands up and call it quits).  Any sensible person who has done some research knows that the whole LGBT movement whether abroad or in India, is sponsored by these  multinational pharmaceutical companies to capture world market by creating new diseases related to LGBT lifestyle. So it is a worldwide money game like the trillion dollar arms trade and certainly not in the interest of LGBTs.  It is well-known fact that Sexual relationships between members of the same sex,  expose gays, lesbians and bisexuals to extreme risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), physical injuries, mental disorders and even a shortened life span. Open acceptance of LGBT liberties will only add to the Health Bill of the States and the Central Governments. Therefore, the more the LGBT virus spreads in our society, the more will be the medical problems, increased sale of medicine and booming business for these multinational companies!

Regarding the observation “But way behind is India as a nation,  still dillydallying with Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which, criminalizes LGBT lives”

If the law is lifted it would be tantamount to granting licence to lead a licentious life. The next demand would be same sex marriage which I am sure Dr Kottoor would agree goes against nature and natural procreation / or continuity of creation, which is the basic purpose of marriage. Marriage between persons of the same sex would not serve this purpose.  These couples will then demand the right to adopt.  What will they teach the adopted child?  Gay sex / LGBT lifestyle?

The observation “Among Indian political parties BJP happens to be most opposed to repealing section 377”

With all the respect to the LGBT group, I support BJP on this.  At least BJP has taken a stand. Other parties swing like pendulam or look for fishing in troubled waters. They are looking for non-issues to divert attention from development to dissipation of creative energy. India including  the Church of India already has a lot of problems to alleviate – poverty, lack of basic education, health, housing, sanitation, lack of safe drinking water, child labour,child abuse and abuse of nuns by our clergy (June 26, 2016 Matters India report Clergy abuse of nuns in India).  The Pope might be too enthusiastic on the LGBT issue or may be looking for Benedict XVI style of escape route (retirement) by deliberately issuing improbable decrees which he knows will not be honoured, India cannot afford to take on additional and mostly artificial LGBT problems (doctors say homosexuality / gay problems can treated medically).  

Regarding the observation on Modi, the orator  par  excellence on national and international stages, keeping totally quiet on attacks on gay people, even on Orlando massacre, Modi is absolutely right in not wasting a word on the Orlando massacre. It is entirely USA’s self-created headache due mainly to its gun-totting culture (easy availability of arms) and other weird behavioural problems which are fallouts of economic prosperity and excessive use of modern gadgets at the cost of person to person interaction.

“The 180 strong CBCI has not uttered one word condemning it. Why,  it has not condemned even the Caste-craze driven kidnap and attack (on last April 25) of Bishop Gallela of Cuddappah to this  day”
– I fail to understand how LGBT issues are being equated with the kidnap of Bishop Gallela! If Bishop Gallela had spoken out in favour of LGBT rights, his crime in the eyes of the three kidnapper priests (reportedly from high caste) would have compounded and he may not have returned alive!

“That is how backward looking and antediluvian  are our political and Catholic circles in India. We therefore have to go on inventing new working strategies until we succeed to help them see reality and move with the times.”
What does Dr Kottoor mean by “moving with times” – dance to the tune of USA and Ireland on LGBT issues? Can he imagine its impact on the Indian Army and the NIA?

“The Supreme Court will on Wednesday hear a petition seeking quashing of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code to protect the sexual preferences of the LGBT community, says a media report. The petition, moved by chef Ritu Dalmia, hotelier Aman Nath and dancer NS Johar among others, says the sexual preferences of the community are part and parcel of the right to life, according to Times of India.”

By harping on "sexual preferences of the community are part and parcel of the right to life", tomorrow if one wants to exercise one's sexual preferences with dogs, horses and elephants and that too in public, should India allow this?  What is happening to our sanity?

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3 Responses

  1. Denis Daniel says:

    I do admire Isaac Gomes for his views and also agree with them to a large extent. However, I must also add that his criticism of Dr. Kottor and even Pope Francis is disrespectful, harsh and unbecoming.

  2. almayasabdam says:

    Isaac Gomes dissects the article “Do justice to India’s gays, scrap 377”

    Mr Isaac Gomes is totally right in hi's response to Dr. James Kottoor on LGBT issue. When there are other vital issues in India to tackle, that of ‘Roti, Kapda and Makan’ (Bread, clothing and housing) why to divulge into the issues that is the phenomena of European and American culture.

    As the members of LGBT are the members of human community, their rights should be respected by all means. On the other hand to mix up the issue with Indian ethos will only divert the vital issues that confront Indians on daily basis. Scrapping 377 will mean that the Indian parks will have the freedom for explicit sex in the public domain as it is the normal practice in the West. In the name of freedom and protecting human rights, the promoters of LGBT have crossed those boundaries which have endangered morality and human sexual behavior. Mr. Gomes is absolutely correct in his assessment that the days would not be far when LGBT would start behaving like animals in the open. May God save those promoters of aberrations and discern a better moral life of humanity.  

    Sunil Rosario


  3. almayasabdam says:

    In his dissection of LGBT issue,  Isaac Gomes is 100% right. When our country India is grappling with so many problems like poverty, lack of basic education, public health, lack of sanitation and safe drinking water (US does not have all these basic problems), and housing, why shout from the roof on issues which are  phenomena of the Western countries?

    No doubt members of LGBT belong to the human community and they should be respected. But respect cannot be earned by force or demand. Some strong lobbies are demanding special reservation for them.  If every community wants reservation, then India will be broken up in terms of quotas for all – there will be no place left for General persons. As per the Indian Constitution no reservation can be permament.  Even the reservation for SCs and STs is subject to review after every ten years.  Just look at the creamy layer of SC and ST community which is still enjoying reservation in spite of being much above poverty line.

    Most of the LGBT cases are medically curable as claimed by a number of doctors.  What happens if those who get reservation under LGBT category, are cured of their mindset later on? Do they still enjoy Reservation?  Tamil Nadu has the highest Reservation almost 70%.  This is not a heathy sign. If at all Reservation is to be made, it has to be only for Education and nothing else to create level playing fields.

    Scrapping 377 will mean that the LGBT community will have the right to open sex in public, something quite common in the West.  The well-oiled LGBT community (it will be interesting to find out who are funding their well-orchestrated agitation) are threatening normal human behaviour and all morality in the name of freedom & protecting human rights. Isaac Gomes is dead right in calling a spade a spade.

    Francis Mondal, Kolkata

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