Irish Laity tell Pope Francis Ban all judgemental terms To define gay relationships

Don’t call Gay: Objectively disordered… Intrinsically evil…etc!

Clean up Augean stables of Catholic Vocabulary!

dr. james kottoor

(from Chicago)


Cover image: Fr. Martin is known for his now famous book: “Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church & the LGBTQUI Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity,”  He has the support of 3 US cardinals


Ireland has been making global news breaks of late. The latest is lead by the Catholic laity in Ireland to hand over a petition to Pope Francis coming to Dublin to attend and bless world meet of families due to be held from Aug.21 to 26. Pope’s visit will be confined to last two days 25-26.


LGBTQI  Means: Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; Transgender; Queer; Intersex


Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 6.57.34 AMWhat the Irish Church is revolting against is picturously presented  in poster prints for the whole world to see as above.  It is against the unchristian, judgmental,  offensive  language still used against  the LGBTQI community in Ireland. LGBTQI is the short form for: Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; Transgender; Queer; Intersex, The short form used till recently was: LGBT or Gay & Lesbian.


Who am I to judge?’

And think of it,  it  was Francis, the first Pope in Church history,  who started out his papacy with the   words of a Prodigal  Father of Mercy  Unlimited and non-judgmental: “Who am I to judge?”about ‘gay people’ who seek God in prayer.  Now even after four years under his papacy, are the gay people of God in Ireland to be addressed with the language of the accused? Objectively disordered? Intrinsically evil?


Would Jesus ever use these words? If not why shouldn’t the Pope take the initiative instantly to get this totally unchristian and objectionable language removed from the Catholic catechism and parlance?


The object of this world-wide campaign is to collect as many signatures as possible  to support their petition  to the Pope, so that the new decisions he takes in support of the LGBTQI community to whom he has been exceptionally compassionate, benefit not only those in Ireland but also those all over the world.


Sign the Petition

 So the readers of CCV are requested to sign this petition on the basis of the compelling reasons adduced and the opinions of  persons of international repute like Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai  who has been pressing  the Indian Government time and again to legalize gay relationships in India. Cardinal Tagle of Manila,  senators and journalists support this cause.

Can you help us distribute this petition? We have set it up on

This petition is open to all to sign: You do not have to be a Christian. The Vatican’s language about LGBTQI people is encouraging homophobia around the world!

In the picture: At the Papal Cross in the Phoenix Park are 3 supporters of this petition: Pádraig Ó Tuama, Ursula Halligan and Senator David Norris. 

You can read more and sign the petition here:

We are hoping to build up big support for this petition before Pope Francis arrives in Ireland 25-26 August 2018. 

 If you can share this with your network and on social media that would be great!

Many Thanks!


Colm Holmes

Core Group Member

We Are Church Ireland




Ireland’s Topsy-turvy past

Ireland has a topsy-turvy story to tell the world. For long it was known as the most Catholic country in the  world, more Catholic than the Pope even. Time was when that reputation rang out loud and long.


Now the pendulum has gone to the  other extreme, to be in the fore front leading liberal nations  to speak out and act out first. Thus it became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage in the country in 2015 through plebiscite with 62% approval; quite recently it voted out the country’s abortion law with 66 % against that archaic law in a referendum; the widely publicized cruel death of the 31 year old Indian dentist Savita from Karnaraka. She had to die on 28 October, 2012  due to refusal of a savage state law not permitting abortion. Thus she became the publicity symbol and trump card to swing vast majority in favour of the referendrum.


Another Indian connection in this context is, that the present Irish  Prime Minister Leo Varadkar is a publicly known and nationally accepted  gay person and partly Indian  (his father Ashok Varadkar is Indian). Can such liberal things happen in our present BJP-RSS ruled  India? According to Gandhi ji  Indian nationalism cannot be exclusive, aggressive or destructive


Dublin  World Family meet

To come  back to the main topic of world Family Synod in Dublin and Papal visit, according to Vatican Insider some 30 thousand people from 103 different countries have already registered to attend this function. "The highest number of any world meeting of families". About 6 thousand are 18 years old or younger. More than a quarter of the participants are couples between the ages of 29 and 40. Already 5500 volunteers have already registered.


Among notables who will be attending this meet are Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, President of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Children, Marie Collins, Irish woman victim of a pedophile priest as a child and former member of the same pontifical commission and American Jesuit James Martin  who will be a keynote speaker on matters surrounding  LGBTQI;


 Fr. Martin(seen in the above picture) is known for his now famous book: “Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church & the LGBTQUI Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity,”  He has the support of 3 US cardinals


Though many sensitive and explosive issues are expected to be discussed at this meeting one may expect that more sense than sound and light than heat will come out of  the whole exercise. Besides Francis knows that we are now living in a world where traditional type of faith is becoming marginalized and fading out from public space and so he has to find new ways to convince  hearts what the teachings of Jesus implies and how  they are to be spread, not by imposition or judgment but by conviction and attraction, not coercion.


God’s Mercy in the Family of Man

So all the demands made in the petition are likely to receive a positive response from Pope Francis. Why? In this case the patient is asking for is what the doctor has been prescribing for long ago. He is not there to judge or punish, but to make shine his God of prodigal mercy and compassion in the Family of Man!



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1 Response

  1. Isaac Gomes says:

    Regarding Dr James Kottoor's demand that the current NDA government liberalise LGBTQI rights in line with Ireland, USA and other western countries, India is a sovereign democratic country and the situations in India are very different from the Western countries which have established LGBTQI rights including rights of marriage and adoption of children. The author has also cited Cardinal Oswald Gracias as a strong votary of LGBTQI rights in India through change of existing legislation.


    India is beset with a plethora of problems.  These are educational, basic health, sanitation, safe drinking water and low-cost eco-friendly housing for all. Parliamentarians are elected to represent their constituencies first to address these issues.  Their prime job is to press for increase in the abysmal budgetary allocation on education and health. The allocations for education increased from Rs 81,869 crore (revised estimates) to Rs 85,010 crore, an increase of Rs 3,141 crore or a paltry 3.84 percent only. If you were to remove the one per cent increase in cess that we will be paying (approximately Rs 2,750 crore), the increase in Budget is just about Rs 391 crore. That is an increase of a measly 0.46 percent. Source: FIRSTPOST).  In health sector the budgetary allocation is only 1.15% of GDP.  One can easily see the fallout of the low budgetary allocation from India's ranking in World Hunger Index (100 out of 119 countries) and World Happiness Index (133 out of 156 countries).  Certainly acceding to the Cardinal and his moneyed lobby's demand for LGBTQI rights, won't make India any happier.  It might add further to India's problems, unless he gets monetary support from the Vatican and his overseas friends.


    Also why should India follow or ape the West?  There are various vested interests including large pharmaceutical multinationals which are pushing for these rights as they stand to make huge financial gains. Let India be given space to address its basic issues (as mentioned above) first. Let the Cardinal and his backers first show a clear and achievable roadmap for India from the angle of Development Concept.  Neither the Cardinal who is one of the advisers of Pope Francis nor his archbishops who have shown so much dexterity in issuing long Pastoral Letters to uphold democracy and its related constitutional values, has spoken up loudly on education, healthcare, sanitation, safe drinking water and low-cost environment friendly housing for all.  Have they ever submitted Pastoral Letters on Development of the 2.3% Christians of India (based on scientific database of diocesewise and parishwise family mapping), let alone the Development of Indians?  The NDA Government, or for that matter, any Indian government would be glad to receive from the Cardinal such plans (Plan A, Plan B).




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