Indictment – A Poem

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I am born free and I will live free for sure

Will protect this in‐born right with all my might

The invisible shackles of yours, I condemn

Don’t dare to meddle with my life in any way 

Reason guides my thoughts and actions 

Muzzle not my ideas on purpose of existence 

None has the right to lord over me, beware

I will decide what is good for me, not you.


I tune my life with reason and nature.

Not with the nostrums of bygone past

Your insane codes deserve only contempt 

How imbecile are your dogmas and faith

Your mysteries lead only to cul‐de‐sacs

You hoodwink the credulous with “revelation” 

Your “trinity” is an abomination a non‐sense 

Now dumped into the abyss of “mystery”!! 

Your virgin Madonna evokes only derision 

Your plaster saints are of no consequence.


Your worship is a sham charade, meaningless

No sane man will butcher and devour his god

A revolting vestige of bygone savage days of yore 

Your stock‐in‐trade, mystery, magic and miracles 

Mary and money added to amass filthy lucre 

Hatch, match and dispatch are for money grab

You look for sin every nook and corner

And find it in every gesture and movement

You live by selling guilt and hell wholesale.


You frighten the faithful with eternal damnation 

You stuff the children’s minds with inanities

You inculcate mortal fear into feeble hearts

And make them mentally adrift for ever

You survive on disquiet and disequilibrium

You say death is because Adam slept with Eve 

And your mom conceived you by fornication

Why listen to rantings of an African debauchee 

And heed his depraved nauseating “confessions” 

Your views on women, marriage and life in general 

Are dead‐wood, fossilised unfit for today’s world 

Why do you still follow the nomad tribe’s beliefs 

Driven hither and hither by others of warring kind 

Why do you follow the morals of an alien place 

Why not absorb ethos of the land of birth?


You say the body is corrupt, an abode of evil 

And the non‐existent soul is all that matters

A cleaver ploy to cheat and loot, no holds barred 

Your glib words impress mentally retarded

You are an ostrich with head under the sand. 

You parade the dead to instil fear and awe

You snatch others’ wealth without scruples 

You are after free‐ lunch without any shame 

And bark and bite the hands that feed you 

You remorseless debauchers, shame on you 

When cornered you condemn and curse 

You spread canards and escape, cowards 

Your ploy is terminological inexactitudes 

Innuendo, potent weapon in your armoury.


You thieve and rob farthings of the poor

Spend them for opulence and life luxurious

You tell the folks to forgo their pleasures

While indulging in gluttony unbound

You are miserly in forgoing your things

But force the have‐not to share his poverty

Why not charity begins at home for a change

The dichotomy between words and deeds glaring


Your Church a fraud, blot, and curse on human race 

How much innocent blood, the Church did shed

It burned Bruno, Hus and others for their views

With the rake and burning stake, imposed its will 

Did shameful deeds for status, power and pelf

It's path littered with cruelties, murders unparalleled 

It killed, plundered and looted with impunity

It messed up human progress at every turn

The sordid doings of Borgia, John et al

Make worst criminal a saint in comparison

Yet the Church claims to be “holy” and “divine”! 

You survive with Orwellian “double speak”

You have turned your back on the Galilean, so sad 

His message is dumped on the wayside, tragedy.


I have an identity you should recognise

I am not a goat to be herded with a crook

No nit‐wit shall sit in judgement on me, mind it

I don’t dislike your person, but hate your craft

If I have to respect you, you do same to me too 

You are not any chosen‐one with a halo on the top

I respect the other and his pursuit of happiness 

Recognise human dignity and rights of man 

And the relevance of all creatures on earth 

Never tell me which song I choose to sing

And which music I am inclined to hear 

Dare not ever proscribe the books I read.


To be happy is my birthright, don’t butt in

Don’t dissuade me from enjoying my life

Don’t peep into my bed‐room, ”Big Brother”

Your taboos on the orifices I access

I discard
The side of the bed I sleep is my choice, don’t meddle 

My person and being is of value to me, don’t interfere 

My privacy is paramount to me, don’t pry at all

You can go to the hell you have created, alone 

None will follow you mate thither, Amen






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