Indian diocesan priests launch website

Story By: Fr. Adolf Washington (Matters India). 

Nagpur: The Council of Diocesan Priests in India (CDPI) launched its website February 27th, at its 13th National Conference where priests from dioceses across the country gathered at Nagpur to deliberate on the theme ‘Effective ministry to families’ in the light of the extraordinary Synod.

The website, designed by a team headed by Father S. Jayanathan, Vicar General of the archdiocese of Bangalore was created by Bosco Infotech to network with its members and provide for quick communication between its members across India. The website was launched by CDPI secretary Rev. Dr. Raymond Joseph.

“Among its many features are blogs, news updates on the association activities and articles of pastoral interest that support the priestly ministry” Father Jayanathan told the assembly.

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