How to wake up the voting Public? ‘Has rule of law become law of he who rules?’

Kapil Sibal’s sharp attack at Centre

Kapil Sibal has joined the Congress leaders in attacking the Centre. The attack has been led by Rahul Gandhi.

Hindustan Times, New Delhi, Jul 22, 2020


Kapil Sibal seems to have hit right on target: “Rule of law” or “Rule of the Ruler?” What is it that the country needs most today and what is happening in the country?


To reinforce the sharpness of his tweet, he cites examples such as “Custodial deaths, Fake encounters, Toppling elected governments (money +), Intemperate language by the powerful, Persecuting the innocent and Highly questionable judicial verdicts!”


Rahul adds, not enough!

Rahul Gandhi adds to Sibals list, citing items like: toppling  Madhya Pradesh government, April: making people light candles on government’s sixth anniversary and attempting to wipe out Rajasthan government. But why does he remain a “Butter Boy” even at 50 and doesn’t grow up?


But nothing can change for the better until the voting public is conscientized. For that the Congress has to stop being a Dynastic party of elders with gray hairs like Sibal, whose ‘Get-up and Go’ has gone for good; and become a party of youngsters with leadership qualities of vision, conviction and action.


Youngsters Quitting!

Unfortunately what we see is the quitting of such youngsters like Scindia and Sachin Pilot are smoked out of the Congress. Also the opposition parties have to unite on a common minimum programme based on what is best for the country,  not what is good for me as too many of them want to be the next PM.  james kottoor, editor CCV


Please read below Kapil Sibal’s critique of the Centre!     

Congress leader Kapil Sibal used the recent developments in the country to attack the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government at the Centre. He tweeted on Wednesday morning to allege that the rule of law has become the law of “he who rules” in the country.


“In my country, has the “Rule of Law” become the law of “He who Rules”. Custodial deaths, Fake encounters, Toppling elected governments (money +), Intemperate language by the powerful, Persecuting the innocent, Highly questionable judicial verdicts. Save my country!” Sibal tweeted.


With this tweet, Sibal continued the Congress’ attack on the government in the recent days. The attack has been led by Rahul Gandhi, who has been targeting the central government over the border row with China and a host of other issues.


On Tuesday, he took a swipe at the Centre, listing the alleged “attempt to topple” the government in Rajasthan and the “Namaste Trump” event among its “achievements” in the Covid-19 times. He said due to such “achievements” of the government, the country is now “Aatmanirbhar (self-reliant)” in the fight against the pandemic.


“Achievements of the government in the Covid-era: February – Namaste Trump, March – toppling the government in Madhya Pradesh, April – making people light candles, May – government’s sixth anniversary, June – Bihar virtual rally, July – attempt to topple the government in Rajasthan,” Gandhi said in a sarcastic tweet in Hindi.


The BJP hit back, saying the Congress will become a “party of tweets” as it is doing no work among people and “losing” one leader after another.Union minister Prakash Javadekar responded to Gandhi, calling protests against the amended citizenship law, the Delhi riots in February the Congress’s “achievements” followed by loss of Jyotiraditya Scindia and power in Madhya Pradesh in March, and “incitement” of migrant workers in April.


Sibal then released a video message in which he said that Javadekar should stop polluting the country’s politics with his harsh words and instead focus on better governance. Sibal said the BJP does not know how to govern but knows how to attack and use harsh words.



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