How to make it speak, nay shout? SILENCE OF VIOLENCE!


Dr James Kottoor




What about Criminal violence (the deadliest of the 3 – criminal cover-ups, climbing & silence?). It is the thundering, roaring but manmade tombstone that snuffs out the last breath of HOPE Indian hierarchy has placed to prevent or shut down the possibility of a resurrection of an authentic JESUS COMMUNITY, forget the manmade, divisive religious name Christian!


So the FIRST step for any down-trodden Indian Jesus community is to break open the lid of CRIMINAL SILENCE by joining the chorus of homeless migrant jobless, money less, foodless exhausted, dying labourers belonging to all religions or no religion, therefore Catholic (universal) which Jesus the SON OF MAN, god or no god represents! He fought against his own JEWISH religious high ups. Didn’t he?


Join Jesus community!

So join that brand of Jesus community – he complained he had no place to rest his head – and become universal embracing all of humanity ignoring divisive religious divides like Christian, Hebrahmist, Jewish, Muslim or Hindu. This roar already heard from the trudging downtrodden must be taken up first by LAY PEOPLE, bottom to top not top to bottom as the comfortable top hierarchical class will never move a finger.


Wake up, Oh, Sleeping Giant!

Can the sleeping GIANT laity take up this initiative, this CHALLENGE  and make the whimpering in the wilderness of the last, least, lost and dying in no man’s land a ROAR of the ocean  to wake up the comfortable class  in all religions for the sake of the world’s religion less, class and casteless but literally VOICELESS? This is the challenge facing us all!


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