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According to Agency for Democratic Reform (ADR) there are in India today 1580 MPS/MLAs accused in criminal cases. They make up 1/3rd of those empowered to make laws. Their cases involve murder, rape, abduction etc.

BJP most Corrupt?

In Parliament alone, 106 out of 521 MPs are criminals, 58% out of them are BJP, MPs; 15% Siva Sena; 7% in Congress and Trinamul; and 1% in CPM. That tells which political party is most corrupt (BJP) and which least (CPM).

Some of them are accused in 10 or 15 criminal cases and they insist on getting these criminals reelected again and again because, they alone have a better chance of getting reelected again and again. That gives an idea of the thinking and mindset of parliamentarians and the general voting public.  Both are equally to blame, corrupt to the core.

Who get punished?

Out of this long list of accused only 6% get punished because, being elected members their court cases go on for years and finally get released as innocents, because of money and influence.

It only proves the axiom: “You get the government, you deserve!” When are we going to come out as corruption free individuals? These details are from the editorial of  Madhyamam of April 2, 2019. Any hope of getting a cleaner government after 2019 elections?

No clean party!

It is for this reason I could not honestly become a card carrying member of any political party. But I did one mistake in joining Aam Admi for few months, due to my admiration for Anna Hazare. But as soon I saw  Kjriwal sacking honest supporters like Prasanthbooshan, etc. I quit.

Vote, you must!

But I make it a point to vote in every election, but only for a candidate whom I think is honest and least corrupt, and they included candidates from all parties.

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