Help Economise, PM Narendra Modi Tells Lawmakers Demanding Salary Hike: Sources

Narendra Modi

(Note: It is a sensible sign that the Prime Minister did not wink first,  looked at IGthe MP delegates (who met him with their petition for a 100% pay hike) straight in the eye and advised them to hold their reins.  For the thirst of the MPs appears to be unquenchable – they are demanding Rs 25 Crore as MPLAD funds instead of Rs 5 Crores i.e. a 500% jump. What a joke. So many MPs fail to utilise even the sanctioned amount of Rs 5 Crore for their constituency development and have to return the money. They are now wanting Rs 25 Crores! Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) is a scheme formulated by Government of India on 23 December 1993 that provides that each member of parliament of India has the choice to suggest to the Head of the District works to the tune of 5 crore (US$740,000) per year, to be taken up in his/her constituency. Union Law Minister Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad talked about transparency & accountability and checks & balances of his government at MyGov Team's 2nd Anniversary celebrations at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium on 6th August 2016.  All MPs must first explain under the what heads they can spend their MPLAD funds and give Utilisation Report from time to time to the local Press and on the net. Citizens in their respective MP constituency will then know what project proposals then can make for the common good of their constituency and stage-wise utilisation of the fund.  In many  case it will be seen that due to poor planning, a sizeable chunk of the Rs 5 crore allotted is to be returned to the Centre. Also can anyone please explain the concept of Anglo-Indian MPs? Is he/she to serve Anglo-Indians only or Christians in his/her constituency? How much does a nominated MP under Anglo-Indian quota get in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha? It is expected that our Christian MPs should set an example by being transparent and accountable to their respective constituency and should be accessible.  In most cases they only pander the Bishops and Religious heads and bypass the Laity.  Isaac Gomes)


Written by Sandeep Phukan 1 hour ago 12.53 pm 11 August 2016


New Delhi: The government isn't likely to agree to the huge pay hike the lawmakers are demanding. Sources say Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told a lawmakers' delegation, which met him with a petition that members should help the government cut down on expenditure.

A delegation, comprising all BJP members had met PM Modi on Monday to request a pay hike and an increase in the MP's allowance to develop their constituencies. Over 250 lawmakers had signed the petition.

A formal response from the Prime Minister's Office is awaited on the salary hike recommendation, which has been sanctioned by a group of ministers and submitted to the cabinet.

For MPLADS development fund, the demand is raise it from the current Rs 5 crore to Rs 25 crore a year.

The government is still weighing its options, said sources. Calling it a "very valid demand" BJP's Janardan Singh Sigriwal said the decision depends on the strength of the exchequer.

Notwithstanding the negative response from the Prime Minister's Office, there seems to be a consensus across party lines that lawmakers need a pay hike.

"If the 7th Pay Commission has increased government employees' salaries, we should also get a hike," said Mr Sigriwal, a BJP lawmaker who represents the Maharajganj constituency in Bihar.

"The salary is quite low and the expenses are quite high. People from our constituencies come to Delhi and expect us to help them, including financially. How does one do that?" said Ranjeeta Ranjan, Congress lawmaker from Bihar.

RJD lawmaker Prem Chand Gupta said lawmakers, who don't have any other source of earning, often find it "difficult to manage personal and professional expenses".

The Left says lawmakers shouldn't decide their own pay. "There should be a committee of outsiders to fix what should be the pay hike," said CPM's Sitaram Yechury.

If the pay hike is approved, the monthly basic salary of a lawmaker will double to a lakh. Besides, 100% raise will be granted as constituency allowance and salaries of their office staff. The annual furniture allowance will double to 1, 50,000 and monthly pensions for former lawmakers will rise from Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000.

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