Happy Happy Onam!


Dear friends around the Globe!

Onam: What is it?

It is a dream Keralites Cherished of glorious

days of peace, prosperity in a land of

honest and upright people

under King Mahabali which they lost and try to

recover in their dreams as Christians

dream for a lost paradise.

I wish all of you succeed

but for me at the fag

 end of my life,

Very Happy in the CATTLE CLASS of Jesus.      

 I have no such dreams

except the unquenchable thirst & dream


finding the truth for myself

after crossing the golden gates

of DEATH dear after which I shall surely wake up

to see if there is any truth in all our dreams.

I really long for that day, as Jesus said

"With a desire; have I desired to eat

this Pasch with you"

It was about the last supper he said.

I am speaking

it about my last breath in this world.

So dream happy dreams endless dreams

until end comes. 

Have a Happy Prosperous Onam!


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CCV readers may click the following video URL


Mega Thiruvathira held at ASU Preparatory Academy on Sat. August 19,2017 – Choreo By Anita Praseed. Coordinated by Divya Anup, Anju Nair and Manju Rajesh – KHA Kalakshetra Onam Celebration 2017.


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