Greetings from CCRInt’l – Rene Reid

Congratulations on the launch of your beautiful and informative website. We at Catholic Church Reform International applaud your efforts to bring about genuine reform of our Church and to share stories shared by Catholic citizens from around the world. As issues arise in the Church and, in particular, with the hierarchy in India, we stand ready and willing to share your stories with our global audience and to back you in any way we can.




    Rene Reid
    CCRI Director

Loving Rene,

Thank you for your greetings. Hereby we set up a moderate platform for raising our core issues and arranging necessary vertical dialogues. The more or less Malayalam word ‘almayasabdam’ means voice of the laity. For your information, Malayalam is the mother tongue of Kerala, the home State of  Syro-Malabar Catholic Church. This website will have posts in all Indian languages and it means to support every lay group, irrespective of Rite considerations.

The whole of Indian Church citizens, appreciate your kind gesture of support and encouragement. Together with you all we will be able to contribute positively in upbringing a fraternity as Jesus envisioned.

Thank you and all the team members in CCRInt’l. What you have been doing in the past year was truly a landmark in the history of laity advancement. The democratic way you handle things is quite exemplary. I really enjoyed being with you all in CCRInt'l



    Joseph Mattappally

    Administrator –

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