Gods fleeing from Covid 19 – Letter to the Editor.

Gods fleeing from Covid-19 with their tails tucked between their legs. Hats off to you, James for publishing the incisive article, “Gods Flee First” by Taslima Nasreem. 

The punch lines to me are “Gods are saviours for many, the  ones they pray to throughout the year for protection. But when humanity is in peril, it is usually the gods who flee first….. Diseases are not cured by Allah, God, Bhagavan; diseases are cured by scientists. Human beings are not saved by supernatural powers, but by other human beings” 

Kudos are due to this brave Bengla desi, who is hounded by the dogs braying at her and biting her heels.

What a contrast to the imbecile John Horvat II who recommended drinking Lourdes water as a panacea for curing the pandemic Coronavirus and eating the wheat wafer blessed by  some idiots with testicles. Normally the wine brewed by the bishops are not given to the “goats”; all of it is drunk by the cassock wearers. It is a good stuff. I had procured one bottle when I was associated with a bishop. 

Let me quote Will Durand “Copernicus had reduced the earth to a speck among melting clouds; Darwin reduced man to an animal fighting for his transient mastery of the globe. Man was no longer the son of God; he was the son of strife ….. The human race was no longer the favoured creation of a benevolent deity; it was a species of ape, which the fortunes of variation and selection had raised to a precarious dignity, which in turn was destined to be surpassed and to disappear. Man was not immortal; he was condemned to death from the hour of his birth…. Galileo retracted and Bruno burned at the stake?” 

I am not capable of saying anything more . 

May I congratulate you my dear friend  for lighting a small candle in this pitch dark night so that at least one  half blind may take a tentative step out of the encircling gloom. 

Yours pathetically also will  strive to do this thankless job till his brain gets anthropoid to a useless mass of grey matter; till he  labourers to take the last breath which then may go out with a whimper ; every thing then will be the  unknown dark night with no moon or stars to guide the way. 

Varghese Pamplanil

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