God is dead, man is free? Rationalists, Atheists or Agnostics, what are you?

dr. james kottoor

James kottoorWhat does it mean to be free? To be responsible for what one does or to be irresponsible? To be accountable to someone or to REASON, supposing there is no superior being called GOD?  (Read below the article by Osho, ‘Be free, be responsible’)

               The general assumption is that there is a superior being called God who acts justly or according to reason; or at least an ultimate power,  an uncaused CAUSE named and clled differently by different people. Here we are caught in a dilemma. If God is bound by reason, He is not the ultimate decision maker but reason, or Reason and God are identical?

                                                          Crooked God?

But it is said that God writes straight with crooked lines, that is, he is not reasonable always as we understand reason; at least we can’t reasonably explain the pros and cons of what he often does. Does it then mean that God is irrational or above reason? We then have to conclude that REASON has one meaning for us and totally different meaning for God. Thus we finally end up saying: “God is a mystery” or “God doesn’t exist” according to human reasoning and understanding! What is then the reasonable way out?

The article  below concludes that when people ask for freedom, they unconsciously ask for license to act according to one’s impulses, that is irrationally, because they are immature. To us it seem that no human in this world is fully and totally mature, that is, in possession of all reasons – pros and cons – to justify fully what he/she does. That is precisely the reason why most people look for a God as a crunch to hang on to, or to put responsibility on, because all believe in REASON and call that God denying all other gods.

                                                                  What are you?

These are called Rationalists, Atheists or Agnostics. We then are forced to stop with being Agnostics, this writer as only a “Know-nothing”,   since all that he has learned is comparable only to a drop of water in a sea or to one tiny part of sand on a sprawling sea shore. Even any number of rebirths or ‘Avathars’ will ever give him enough time long enough to learn all that is there to learn. Will they?

Didn’t even Jesus ask his disciples: “What do peoples say I am?” You know the different answers they gave. Similarly you may have different visions to suit your understanding.

              Aham Bhramasmi

The other alternative would be that we are all gods, ‘god-bits’ or part of God (Aham Bhramasmi), a small or big sparks of that universal, incomprehensible bowl of fire or light!

This writer, a ‘Know-nothing’ then will have only a little light comparable to the light of a “Fire-fly”, enough and more for its need to prevent it from complaining, but not more to boast about and anywhere near to the light of the Sun that floods and enlightens all. You readers endowed with better or brighter light, please, enlighten us with your reaction,  we pray! Speak up, your servants are listgening! james kottoor, editor, ccv.


         Now read below Osho’s article on

freedom & responsibility

Be free, be responsible

             By Osho

Economic Times in Speaking Tree 

January 25, 2018 

Friedrich Nietzsche declared, a century ago, ‘God is dead, and man is free.’ The next sentence he wrote was, ‘Now you can do whatsoever you want to do, there is no responsibility. God is dead, man is free, and there is no responsibility.’ There, he was absolutely wrong.

When there is no God, there is tremendous responsibility on your shoulders; if there is God, he can share your responsibility, you can throw your responsibility on Him. You can say: it is you who have made the world, it is you who have made me in this way. It is you who is finally responsible, not me. How can I be ultimately responsible? I am just a creature and you are the Creator. Why have you put seeds of corruption and sin in me? You are responsible. I am free.

If there is no God, then man is responsible for his acts, because there is no way he can shift responsibility to anybody else.

When I say you are free, I mean that you are responsible. You cannot transfer responsibility to anybody else. You are alone; whatsoever you do, it is your doing. You cannot say that somebody else forced you to do it, because you are free, nobody can force you. Because you are free, it is your decision to do something or not to do something.

People go on talking about freedom but what they really want is not exactly freedom; they want irresponsibility. They ask for freedom but deep down, unconsciously, they ask for irresponsibility and licence. The world is not free because people are not mature. So, when I say freedom, I mean, be responsible. The more responsible you become, freer you become.

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