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Choosing partner without religion bar is a debate right: HC amid 'Love-Jihad'

Published in New Indian express: 24th November 2020

Critiquing an earlier verdict of the same court, which claimed “conversion just for the purpose of marriage is unacceptable,” the bench said it had not laid good law.

image.png"All is well in love and war!” goes a saying. It is a statement of conflicting fact in life – a statement of FACTS! — without passing a value judgment on either! Jihad literally means fight, war: Life is constant warfare for good and against evil.

It is mostly used in connection with Islam, exhorting followers to fight first against evil in oneself, to conquer self to become upright, not against one’s neighbor to do harm.

God is Love!

A beautiful Christian song reads: “Where there is charity and love, God is there!” (Ubi caritas et amor, ibi Deus est!) GOD is described first as Love Supreme, in all religions – recall the famous song: ‘Iswarane Thedi’,  In search of God – then as Truth and Light!

What is Marriage?

Each of the above needs elaborate discussion, not possible now! Finally what is Marriage? That is what is discussed, or better defined in the report below, by the Allahabad, to clarify various confusions. It is for those who are adults, majors, those attained the age of Marriage!

First comes the individual and his/her RIGHT to life and liberty, only then his/her life in community with another or others, where choice in involved. These two are fundamental to all humans. Then only comes the choice of a partner — male or female – or partners including this community or that, this country or that or all countries!

Same Sex: Gay, Lesbians, LGBTQ!

Here comes the first CHOICE, with a female or male, which opens the pandaras box of  LGBTQ! All come within the ambit of individual human freedoms. First among them, is MARRIAGE, which properly understood is to be between, male and female.

The second is cohabitation with same sex called Gay, Lesbian or LGBT now legalized in many countries including India. Pope Francis calls it, Civil Union to distinguish from Marriage Proper!

Love Jihad!

In India Love Jihad is used for using Love proper or Marriage Proper to CONVERT another to one’s own religion – to CONVERT a Hindu to become a Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist or vice versa. The focal point here is Religious Covertion. The Allahabad High court verdict is: “conversion just for the purpose of marriage is unacceptable,”

On forced religious conversion the Catholic view is made crystal clear when Pope himself has said: “Proselytization is a Solemn Nonsense!” From this it should also follow that all organized religions, which resort to inducements or use the secular number-game to claim superiority or dominate other religions must be banned or fought tooth and nail!

Facts above Faith!

That is why this scribe oppose to be belong to any organized religions or Political parties! Which organized religions or political parties in the world are free from the craze to rule over to dominate others? The latest US elections concluding is a TOWERING EXMPLE!

Of course, those who oppose this view of Facts above Faith, — the Blind faith Battlion — are free to follow any religion or no religion! That may be the reason, why the NONES in the world are on a steady increase! james kottoor, editor ccv.

Pease read below Allehabad Court Verdict on Forced Convrsion!

By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: Disposing of an interfaith marriage case, a division bench of the Allahabad High Court recently observed that the right to live with a person of his/her choice irrespective of religion professed by them, is intrinsic to right to life and personal liberty. 

Critiquing an earlier verdict of the same court, which claimed “conversion just for the purpose of marriage is unacceptable,” the bench said it had not laid good law.



A bench of justices Pankaj Naqvi and Vivek Agarwal said: “We fail to understand that if the law permits two persons even of the same sex to live together peacefully then neither any individual nor a family nor even the state can have an objection to the relationship of two major individuals who out of their own free will are living together.”

The observation came on petitions filed by Salamat Ansari and Priyanka Kharwar seeking a direction not to arrest them and for quashing an FIR filed on her father’s complaint under Sections 363, 366, 352, 506 IPC and Section 7/8 POCSO Act, which was filed on behest of girl’s father. 

The couple in its petition stated that as they both had attained the age of majority and were competent to contract a marriage, they performed Nikah on August 19, 2019, after Priyanka Kharwar embraced Islam. 

“We do not see Priyanka Kharwar and Salamat as Hindu and Muslim, rather as two grown-up individuals who out of their own free will and choice are living together peacefully and happily over a year…. Interference in a personal relationship, would constitute a serious encroachment into the right to freedom of choice of the two,” the HC said.

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  1. K J George says:

    Love Jihad is an oten repeated slogan of Syro Malabar Church in Kerala. They keep telling people you may love somebody but first get confirmed  the other party is from Syro Malabar Rite. Did you ever hear a more ridiculous statement/demand ? God created human beings are man and woman. The creation of numerous religion is purely man-made. It is intended to and used  only to keep the people as slaves of xyz. This has been going on from thoussands of years and some people wants it to continue. Two grown up people must be free to select their  life partner. They have every right to lead a peaceful life together. There is  no justification in relegions influencing their life and make it miserable. I know a Hindu person and Catholic girl living as a family. An acquainance's daughter married a Hindu – they studied together  for B.Tech and now living together.  They did not get converted. The verdict of the Allahabad High Court settle the matter very clearly for everyone.  Love Jihad has become a Pan India slogan. In today (26-11-20) Indian Express carried a long analyses of Love Jihad by Mr. S. Gurumurthy. Syro Malabar Church of Kerala is in the forefront  of  Love Jihad agitation. A meaning less matter being used for keeping a few people in the news.

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