From India & abroad, three Letters! Reactions to Valson’s Article!

 Note: George is in Kochi, Pamplanil is in Texas, USA and Isaac is in Kolkata! See how the world has shrunk, has become the ‘Global Village’ at shouting distance.  We have conquered, space and time, but not ourselves, our families, our country,  and the countries we live and rub shoulders with to our likeness and every body’s wellbeing!


Four examples of Jesus!

All of us have to change and improve. “Samam, danam, Bhedam, Dendam” (Peaceful dealings, giving gifts to please, showing indifference to provoke, resorting to stick) to force change for the better, are the techniques Indian genius suggests. Even the most gentle Jesus was forced to take up the whip as the last means to drive sense into people. Even that has not succeeded fully. We instead often resort to stick as the first step to correct.

Here we are concerned with Church reform. There are any number of good Christians, priests, bishops, also rotten ones (I have them all)! Rotten ones are symptoms of disease causing pain which need  immediate treatment. That is why there are so much criticism.


Help Silent majority

I appreciate fully the efforts of George and Pamplanil to bring about change and reform and urge the SILENT good Christians to imitate Jesus (also) vitriolically calling the priestly class hypocrites, white washed sepulchers, brood of vipers etc. to drive sense into them, thus exemplifying, both the “sweet and bitter” examples of Jesus, as occasion demands. Read the letters below: james

George Nedumparambil

6th December 2019




to James Kottoor


Dear James, 

I read Rev Valsan Thampu's article.  What can  I say?  Thampu rocks! 

There will always be fanatics and zealots in Catholicism.  Nothing would move them.  But I  want to believe that for every fanatic and zealot there are hundreds of genuine believers who feel cheated by the very people they trusted.  They are disgusted and so are several genuinely pious priests who unfortunately are under gag and remain in fear of being shown the door.


But it is now or never for believers.  What can they do to express their disgust silently and within the four walls of the church.  May I recommend the following mode of silent protests:-

1. Those who are in the habit of attending church daily,  do it once a week only. 

2. For this Christmas  boycott the confessionals and instead make direct confession to God. 

3. Take Holy Communion once a month only. 

4. Attend Novenas once a month only. 

5. Don't put any money in the alms boxes and on Sunday collections. Instead drop small pieces of paper reading  "Reform, Change and Church Act".

The church will get the message that believers are disgusted and want to see reform happening to the system.




Varghese Mathew(Pamplanil)


  6 Dec 2019




to James Kottoor


The Condemned  in Concrete Prisons!

I haven’t read Sister Lucy Kalappura’s book. It is unlikely that I will do it. The lurid details in it are of no interest to me. Hopefully the book will open the eyes of, at least, some credible and befuddled lot from condemning their adolescent daughters to the concrete prisons of  convents (the expression “concrete prisons of convent” is not mine, but that of a Catholic priest known to me). Once forced into the gulag,escape is rather difficult.


It is common knowledge that, world over, Catholic priests  sexually exploit nuns on a large scale. The church hierarchy generally leave the hapless victims in the lurch. The male priests are confident that sex with nuns will not result in their contacting HIV/AIDS. Further what they have are free rides. The advantage of being a shaman (the forefather of present day priest) is the availability of more females in addition to worldly goods and comforts.


The ostriches have already started burying their heads in the sand pretending that everything is well around them. They believe only the words of cassock wearers, congenial liars they could be.


The debauchee Augustine of Hippo, propounded the preposterous theory that Original Sin is the result of the first sexual encounter of Adam with Eve. But nobody, with even a modicum of intelligence, will subscribe to the yarn.The church equates sexual activities of the proletariat with sin and guilt, except the joyless type solely for procreation. Controlling the sexuality of the faithful seems to be the major preoccupation of  the Church. But the ecclesiastical class treat the church diktats with derision; they indulge in all sorts of sexual perversions with impunity.

Varghese Pamplanil


Isaac Gomes writes:

Rev. Valson Thampu is quite guarded in his expression of thoughts, though he has spoken what he had to. He has written that Sr. Lucy hasn’t named the offenders and that it was not an act of cowardice but an act of courtesy.

But in an interview to KAUMUDI ONLINE on Monday 2nd December 2019 Sr Lucy reportedly said that if necessary, she was ready to reveal the names of priests who attempted to sexually abuse her. In her autobiography titled 'Karthaavinte Naamathil' (In the name of the Lord), she had mentioned that four priests had attempted to sexually abuse her soon after she became a nun. However, she had not mentioned the names of the priests in the book.

She had even mentioned that Fr Robin, the accused in the Kottiyoor rape case, had affairs with several nuns. She even claimed that some of the senior nuns in the convent used to sexually abuse younger nuns.

She further states in her autobiography that those .priests and nuns who wish to lead a family life must be allowed to do so. "Many of the nuns are not able to overcome the provocations from the priests. Instead of controlling the emotions, the church must be ready to change its practices," she added. 

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