Fr. Martin at gay ‘pride’ Mass; Pope has appointed ‘many’ pro-LGBT cardinals, bishops!

Homosexuality & Catholic Church!  – Martin M. Barillas

What is the teaching on homosexuality (Sodomy came from “Sodom & Gomora” destroyed by fire) in the scriptures and in the Catholic Church?  

Who am I to Judge?

Evidently an epoch making change and rethinking has been ushered into the Catholic church by a simple harmless and self evident Christian principle: “who am I to judge!” (judge not and you shall not be judged) uttered aloud by Pope Francis. 

That reminds me of a young energetic Parish priest who used to preach in 3 tiers. After reading the Gospel text to be preached on, he used to say. This Gospel text is very very clear because Jesus always preached to the very poor and illiterates. I am not sharper or wiser than Jesus to make it more simple and understandable. 

3 Tire Sermon

Then he moves on to the second step: what the official Church teaches about it which is complicated to grasp, quoting church decrees and other instructions. He then gives the various views of saints or learned church men or other erudite people.  

Thirdly he says: this is is what I personally understood from this passage.  Then he explains the relevance of the Gospel passage to the contemporary happenings around and the lessons to be drawn by his listeners. He then concludes saying:” You can take for yourself whatever suits you best.”

What do people think on LGBTQ?

So what do you think the people  are taking on “Homosexuality and Lesbianism?” Definitely, people are taking what suits them best. Gay people jump on it and find Nirvana; opponents of Gay practice rain down on practitioners  fire and brim stone of Sodom and Gomora; those who do not belong to either group are in utter confusion joining with either group to keep up appearances. 

“Orgasm” foretaste of…

Those who want to liberate themselves from all sexual taboos, rejoice, shout and dance asking: “Why did God give Eve to Adam if not to let them have a foretaste of  heaven’s beatific vision in “Orgasm” in sexual union, to get immersed in joy unalloyed? Is it not for that God gave  hundreds of wives to his chosen ones? If so, is it not correct to say, our Muslim brothers alone understood the real purpose of marriage! 

Order, order please!

“Order, order, order. We can’t have an anarchy of options and opinions; a crowd may have hundreds of heads but not one mind!” I hear some one shouting at me. So back to main topic: Homosexualty! Is it good or bad or indifferent to you? 

I can’t speak for any of you but for myself only! Honestly it is only after Francis broke that bomb-shell: “Who am I to judge?” I started to think seriously about it. Till then ‘homosexuality’ was the ex-Cathedra assured path to hell for me. After that? Once upon a time people told me, people not baptized went to hell and I believed it. Then one day some one asked me: “So Gandiji went to Hell?” 

Gandhiji in Hell?

“To hell with it! I will never, I can’t ever send him to hell!” I said. That nutshells the whole sum and substance of all blind beliefs, whether Christian or pagan. So good bye to all blind beliefs! Start questioning every one of your beliefs. If there is God (I don’t  ask you to believe in one) he has given you the light of reason. Use that light, prying: “Lead kindly light” and it will lead you. 

I had never taken a firm stand for or against LBGQ but after reading so much suffering and discrimination these people had to suffer from the public, nay from their own kith and kin for no fault of theirs, but due to their own physical, psychological make up, I could not and will not have anything against them, nor will I treat them differently, but more kindly only! 

Left Handers!

The argument of ‘Left-handers’ in our midst is what convinces me most to be kindly to them. But if you ask me: “Will you encourage them to become priests?” My instant reaction is: “Stupid question!” because Jesus never instituted any of the sacraments, and I already wrote ‘Jesus and priestly class’ could not survive together. Nor can an honest man survive today either! 

In spite of that, if you want priesthood and homosexuals in it, my answer is a flat: NO. I would be happy to be proved wrong! Of course this question doesn’t arise for those who are totally focused on following Jesus: the Cattle Class, not the Constantenian Princely class of Red hats! 

Too many topics to discuss!

There are hundred of vital issues to be discussed in the article that follows. But we request you to first to start questioning every point raised by the article using your light of reason. Then ask us your questions if you have not succeeded to find answers. Then we shall try to give our answers, not necessarily the only right answer.  james kottoor, editor CCV in US 

 Martin M. BarillasPlease read below the report on LGBTQ in LifeSite!

Martin M. Barillas   

NEW YORK, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – In advance of one of the world’s largest homosexual “Pride” parades, Fr. James Martin, SJ celebrated a pre-parade Mass during which he told “LGBT Catholics” to be hopeful because Pope Francis has “LGBT friends” and has “appointed many LGBT-supportive cardinals, archbishops, and bishops.” 

Fr. Martin is a consultor to the Vatican’s communications office who campaigns for greater acceptance of homosexuality within the Catholic Church. The Jesuit offered the “Pre-Pride Mass” at St. Francis of Assisi parish in New York City, known for its “LGBT ministry” that flouts Church teaching on sexuality, on the evening of June 29. One of the leaders of this “ministry” has fundraised for Planned Parenthood. 

Martin said that “LGBT Catholics” should be “tough” in response to criticisms about LGBT ideology. Offering a gloss on the words of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of St. Luke, Martin sought to expand on the definition of Christian discipleship. Calling on homosexual and transgender-identifying Catholics to “be tough,” he said that recent years have seen “many positive steps for LGBT Catholics.”  

Speaking of “two big trends,” Martin said one can be “summarized by two words: ‘Pope Francis.’ His five most famous words are still, ‘Who am I to judge?,’ which was first a response to the question of gay priests and then expanded to LGBT people.” Martin said that the current pope is the first to use the word “gay,” adding, “He has LGBT friends. And he’s appointed many LGBT-supportive cardinals, archbishops, and bishops.”  

For the Jesuit, another positive trend is that “more and more Catholics are coming out and being open about their gender identity, they and their families are bringing their hopes and desires into their parishes, and slowly the culture of the Church is being changed.” 

Despite this trend, Martin lamented that this is a “hard time to be an LGBT Catholic.” He referred to the firing of “LGBT employees who are civilly married” by Catholic schools who require Catholic teachers to espouse and model Catholic teachings. He claimed that Catholic schools show a double standard when it comes to “straight Church employees” who keep their jobs even when they do not follow “various Church teachings,” inadvertently making a point many faithful Catholics have long maintained. 

Leaders in the Church, he said, continue to issue documents and statements that “betray not the slightest evidence that they have listened to the experience of LGBT people or their families.” Martin also denounced “homophobic pastors, pastoral workers, and parishioners.” 

“All the more reason to be like Jesus: that is, tough,” said Martin. He said that LGBT Catholics and their parents and relatives are “as much a part of the church as the Pope, your local bishop, your pastor, or me. Root yourself in your baptism and claim your place in your church.” Paraphrasing Jesus, Martin said that doing so will be hard.  

a“Sometimes your family may misunderstand you, as Jesus’s family did. Sometimes you’ll feel unwelcome in places, as Jesus did in Samaria. Sometimes it won’t feel like you have a home, like Jesus felt,” he sermonized. But disagreements, he said, are “all part of the journey. It’s part of being with him.”

“LGBT people should fully expect to participate in all the ministries in the church,” said Fr. Martin. “Not just being welcomed and affirmed and included, but leading.” 

He concluded by promoting the idea that God creates people to have a homosexual identity: “Be proud to be Catholic. And for my LGBT brothers and sisters and siblings, be the LGBT Catholic whom you are called to be by Jesus Christ himself.” 

The Jesuit kicked off June 2019 by wishing a “happy Pride Month” to “all my many Catholic LGBTQ friends.” His homosexual activism has included supporting letting boys in girls’ bathrooms and vice versa; accepting an award from the dissident New Ways Ministry; authoring Building a Bridge, a book endorsed by several left-wing prelates which urges the Church to be more accepting of homosexuality; retweeting a complaint that priests can’t “bless” same-sex unions; and many pro-gay statements in speeches and media appearences.

He supports gay men kissing each other during the sign of peace at Mass, says a Catholic attending a same-sex “wedding” is like attending a Jewish wedding, and suggests that his critics are secretly gay themselves. 

In June 2018, Martin was the speaker at the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families. Anthony Murphy of the Lumen Fidei Institute told LifeSiteNews that having the Jesuit priest speak at the event “must sicken the heart of every faithful Catholic.” Pope Francis also attended the event, which was held in Dublin.

(Postscript: None of those who call themselves Catholics today are so! Only the card carrying members, the baptized enrolled alone are! The word Catholic is an “Oximoron” a contradiction in term, meaning just the opposite of what the word says. Jesus never founded a ‘Catholic Church’, What he founded and held top most as his flag was: “THE SON OF MAN”, the ideal human being for all times, places, cultures and therefore accessible to every human being to imitate and follow.Therefore Chesterton called him: THE EVERLASTING MAN! jk)

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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    Catholic Church has to re-look at its dogmas and realise that many of those dogmas need a version 21st Century make over.  The church has declined in Europe and the Americas where the "thinking people" could not get any inspiration from its rituals and pulpit. It is surving and growing in Asia and Africa as believers generally tend to mortgage their mind to the priests and their teachings and completely shut off the process of thinking.    Homosexuality is a phenomena present in nature just as lameness.  Bottom line: Church is or should be  for everyone. 

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