For finding out India’s ‘cover-up villains’ read this! A Bull-fight to Finish!

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 “The last bull: Cardinal Sodano goes out (CCV, Dec.28/19, from NCR in US, on Sodano gangs  in Vatican)  is  the second "absolutely essential reading,"  you all should carefully read through to find out his counterparts in India responsible for “criminal cover-ups & criminal silence!” Sodano the kingpin in Vatican with Msgr. Stanislaw Dziwisz et all to assist him were active in his last 15 years of criminal cover-ups detailed in the article!

You may think also of Andhra  & Kerala bishops, besides those undergoing court trials like Franco, Kadapa bp. Gallela (whom we defended from high caste priests and exposed with 19 year old son}, Alancherry, Priests Kottoors, Robin & many more – in India.


Even reputable persons like Indian Nuncios, Bombay’s cardinal Gracias and more, are accused of criminal cover-ups or silence by international media. The rest in the list, you can come to grips by yourselves, with this lead given above.



Yes “criminal cover-ups & criminal silence” mentioned in the NCR article (read it in ccv, dec. 28) on Sexual & Financial(Recall resistance to ‘Church Act’ from Indian Bps.) atrocities are happening frequently and vigorously here in India, even more than in the west.


But actually there is a TRINITY of criminalities. What are they? The third one is the Criminal craze of CLIMBERS, first of Bishops wanting to become cardinals and cardinals wanting to be the Pope and second of priests and laity wanting to climb and rise to the top post in their respective fields – priests just ordained aiming to become parish priests, Rt.Rev., Very Rev. Monsingors, Vicar Generals; and laity working to become Chevaliers and other top pillars in parish and diocese!


That is why  I had to write many times that India is still living in the Church of Constantine of the Augean Stables of the famed Greek king Augeas (Recall Chicago speech)  and worshipping the “Mammon of Iniquity” which “Church Act” is trying to expose and wipe out, but the hierarchy oppose it tooth and nail!


Churchianity alone Shines!

Wedded to these three evils, money, sex, craze to climb, no reform – speedy or slow – is possible in Indian “Churchianity”. I say ‘churchianity, because with the multitude of divided and competing churches, what we have in India cannot  represent Christianity, least of all  CATHOLICITY! Christianity must be wedded to the one they call Christ, and Christ, all admit, is not divided! But all churches are divided, even those who call themselves Catholic – Latin, Syrian, Malankara and more.So they can all be clubbed as ‘Churchianity’ only!


To achieve that unity we should DARE to impalement and apply the Medicine of Mercy prescribed by the great saint Pope John xxiii, already declared saint while alive. His prescription was: “Sweep clear the dust of the Empire accumulated on the throne of PETER ever since the time of Constantine!”  Pope Francis is trying to implement it.


Root of Catholicity!

That alone will bring us to the ROOTS of Catholicity of Jesus the Jew, who called himself the SON OF MAN(INRI) & never became a Christian, least of all the leader of all High priests of his time! They were an insufferable eye-sore to him, and so he had to chase them out of the temple with a whip!


Exactly this is what the living saintly Pope Francis, called a Heretic by his enemies – earlier they had called JESUS the MAN for all seasons, cultures, places and peoples, a blasphemer, friend of drunkards & prostitutes – is trying to do without a whip but promoting the Medicine of mercy of Pope John and calling the God of Jesus the Prodigal Father of MERCY personified!


My understanding of Jesus Flock!

This is my understanding of Jesus and the Little Flock he gathered around to preach the Good News to the poor, the hungry, the blind, the sick, the disabled, the imprisoned, the homeless, the out-castes and the god-forsaken on the margins of society.

Of course, I could be totally wrong, being a “know-nothing!” If so please tell me where, why and how I am wrong with facts and figures, with reason and persuasion! Speak Lords, your servant is listening to get unlighted and change for the better, if and when convinced!


Please read NCR article!

But please read what I started with, my earnest plea is that you  carefully read & study, the NCR article our Isaac Gomes, posted in CCV on Dec.28, 2019, as indispensable reading!

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