First US Lady President?

Hillary makes history


No woman before her was officially projected by a leading American political party to fight for the presidency.

Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton (Photo: AP)

(Note: US the oldest democracy in the world has always been riddeled with ever so many undemocractic biases.While it is said  anyone can become the President of the country it is implied that  Roman Catholics, blacks and women are to be excluded. Basically  US has been the country  of the first settlers White Anglo Saxon Protestant or WASP in short form. The first assumption was busted when John F. Kennedy became the president, the second when Obama became.  Now the question is who will become the first woman present of US. For one things Hilary  has all the back ups, as she was the first Lady in Clinton years. Now she has  the needed support of 2383 delegates to be nominated as the Democratic Candidate. It James Kottoris presumed she will be notinated but her party has not decided yet. Once nominated she will have to fight Donald Trump to win the next  election which is a long tough journey ahead. All we can  do is to wish her well. james kottoor, editor)

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, not hiding his socialist credentials, campaigned spiritedly, but it is now evident that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party to challenge the Republican nominee Donald Trump. Ms Clinton will make history when she is made her party’s official nominee to contest the American presidency at the Democratic Party convention in July. No woman before her was officially projected by a leading American political party to fight for the presidency.

Should she win the election in November this year — and this is a big “if” at this stage — a glass ceiling in US public life would have crashed. That is the meaning of a woman President. A black man — Barack Obama — becoming President eight years ago had also brought about massive social and political churning and fresh perspectives in American public life.

At this stage it appears that while the Republican rank and file are united behind Mr Trump, the Democrats are divided, for Mr Sanders has made a fairly deep impression through his call to challenge the American establishment, especially big money, via Wall Street. Ms Clinton’s most urgent political task is to seek to unite the Democrats so that even Mr Sanders’ supporters come on board to back her presidential campaign. While Mr Trump’s policies seem amateurish and are yet to crystallise, Ms Clinton is an old hand at the game. She is likely to be more predictable.

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