Empowering the powerless – CCV is fast growing

CCV is growing fast and it is now the most read online news portal of Indian Catholics. Today, it has a pretty good readership strength; sometimes it goes up to 1700 and more a day.

This present growth on a linear pace owes greatly to the thought provoking posts of Dr James Kottoor. Even in his old age, he is active round the clock, taking the readers all around. 

We thank all those who stood by us and kept us motivated.

We need more authentic writers and promoters. 

Don’t we need a powerful media to shout for the suppressed?

Team Church Citizens' Voice

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  1. Denis Daniel says:

    Indeed CCV is doing a fantastic job. Dr. Kottoor and his team deserve our praise and gratitude. The church, clergy, religious and educted men and women must make it habit to read it on a regular basis. I am sure that in course of time all readers will become much more enlightened. 

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