“Empowering Our Laity ……” Questionnaire – Issac Gomes (Kolkotta)

Issac gonsalves

Regional CRI: W Bengal and Sikkim Region

                            BRBC- CRI- CDPB   Bengal – Sikkim Regional Annual Meeting

                                               Darjeeling -2014 (October 6- 8)

                      Theme: “ Empowering Our Laity for Greater Pastoral Collaboration & Political Responsibility”

Here is a review of preparations for the Darjeeling Meet 

Dear Respondent,

The above questionnaire is sent to you to seek your cooperation and participation in it.  Your views and responses to the 5 questions will definitely help the Delegates of the Darjeeling Meet in their reflections, deliberations and decisions on the theme:Empowering Our Laity in Bengal and Sikkim Region.

I assure you that your frank and honest responses would be appreciated and confidentiality maintained. The Questionnaire is sent to a select group consisting of Bishops, Priests, Religious, and Laity to get to hear from all sections within the Church. 

Kindly email your responses to: jeyasj@gmail.com (latest by 25th September)

Thanking you for your kind cooperation and concern

Yours truly

Fr.Jeyaraj Veluswamy, SJ

Regional CRI President

A Questionnaire:

  1. State 5 concrete ways by which the Indian Laity should be empowered in the Church.
  2. State 3 reasons why the Indian clergy seem reluctant or slow to empower laity in India.
  3. State 3 reasons why the Indian laity are capable/incapable of handling power & positions.
  4. State 3 serious issues the Indian Church must address itself to without delay, today.
  5. How would you describe in one sentence the Indian Catholic Youth ?

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