Who elects a new Pope Holy Spirit or Maffia? dr.James kottoor (Chicago)

Pope Francis the Last Pontiff? Pic. Nostradamus – St. Malachy Predict End of Times.

James kottoorIs there any harm in day-dreaming once in a while, just for relaxation? All study and no play, will make Tom a dull boy, they say. Even otherwise, there is a time for serious study and reflection in CCV, a time to relax and sit loose, to day-dream or sleep even. So here it is some day dreaming for you, not utterly disconnected either with reality! Why?

Because in the last post we already alluded to some people speaking of the Apocalyptic times descending upon us both in Church and civil  society with President Trump crying out foul after deadly violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, saying both the parties demonstrating and colliding – “White people matter” and those who shout “black people Matter” — are both right and wrong because one is “Alt-right”, right and those opposing “Alt-Left” wrong. What is wrong is  violence and racism – white or black. Please don’t ask what is meant by the “Alt” which makes one right and the other wrong.

It is something like Modi saying, cow must be protected, lynching must be condemned but no action is taken because it is for the States  to do it due to federalism. So let cows live, humans die, while Muslim and dalit bashing continue unabated. All such news items, especially religious intolerance in India and white supremacy are getting wide publicity now in the US. So things look bad or gloomy both in Church and society.

Malachy & Nostradamus

Coming to the so-called prophets Malachy an Irish saint of 12th century and Nostradamus a renowned French scientist of the 16th century, many of us may not have seen them treated together, since none take them too seriously, except when some of the things they say come true. Just think of predicting that  two bird like flying metal sheets will hit and destroy the two towers of world trade centre in New York, and that when there was no airplanes when he lived.            

Since both  these oracles refer to Francis as the last and Benedict as the predecessor, who can blame if people are curious and ask questions? Already these prophets were discussed, and we even wrote about them, when Francis was elected Pope. And how was Francis elected? By the Holy Spirit or by spirited Cardinals  who start  lobbying and canvassing for their favorite person among cardinals? Too pious Christians may get offended when they hear about lobbies  and  factions among cardinals.

                                        Church is human & divine

We have  to comfort the pious who get upset saying, Church is divine and human, more human than divine. Didn’t we see that there were five ‘dubia’ cardinals and one ‘Raymond Burke’ and his political allay ‘Bannon’ closest friend of Trump, whose fate in the inner  White House circle is questioned now, are going strong with their public campaign against Francis.

When Pope Benecit was elected Francis was the close runner up. When Benedict resigned various factions among cardinals started the lobbying or canvassing for their favorite candidate. This is how the politics of it work. First they convince their prospective candidate  not to say “No” when his name is announced. Then they try  to persuade as many as possible to vote for their candidate. Previous to and during the conclave, birds of the same feather will meet and chat at convenient cool places like “Bar Johna” not much different from usual Bars. It is called “Bar Jhona” because that is how Peter the head fisherman was known.

They meet at this Bar, they say, to relax and refresh themselves with some fresh cool water – they call it ‘strong water’ (Aqua forte). They cannot call it by another name like the wine at Cana which went dry because Peter and party, the Chum-chas of Jesus also came, though not invited and got into the kitchen through the back door and left everything empty. This made the mother of Jesus rather angry, but without showing it on her face, coolly called her son and said curtly to him: “They have no wine!” You know the rest of the story. This is just for your relaxation only, as we said  at the very out  set.

Papal elections

When white smoke shot up on March 13, 2013 announcing an unknown Argentinian as Pope, all heaved a sigh of relief saying, “God has delivered.”But a bunch of liberal minded cardinals who described themseve the ‘maffia’ had known it already. They had already asked Bergoglio to agree and apparently he had said: 'capisco’ – 'I understand,’  one of the Maffia reportedly said. It was Cardinal Godfried Danneels who stood  alongside Pope Francis on the balcony on the night of his election, who reportedly revealed the existence of the Maffia. Their plea amounting to a demand to Bergoglio was to remake the church and give it a most modern face in four years! Readers are quite free to think it over or rubbish them as nonsense.

There are any number of well documented private reliable information which may shock the Faith out of Ordinary folks. So we stop here with this short day-dreaming. Those who want to delve deep, may look up portals like “Life-Sight news”. But, when the wind and the waves started showing their fury, Jesus was sleeping like a cool cucumber and the disciples simply shouted him awake and the waves simply melted away.                

So don’t be afraid, “you men and women of little faith”. All what is said above is for a little ‘time-pass’. But when one is mentally upset and agitated a bit of prayerful mediation is good  both for soul and body! Let us all do that when upset. james kottoor,  editor ccv.

Please read below about Malachy &  Nostrodamus

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 7.11.47 amNostradamus & St. Malachy

Predict End of Times

Michael Mullins, in Newsmax  Thursday, 14 Mar 2013 August 16, 2017

Writings of Nostradamus (1503-1566) allegedly predict Pope Francis will be the final pontiff.

Will Pope Francis I be the last pontiff, following his selection and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI? Two vague prophecies, from St. Malachy and Nostradamus, say so.

St. Malachy, a 12th century Roman Catholic, and Nostradamus, the world-renowned 16th-century French oracle, predicted that Pope Francis I will be the world's last pontiff. 
St. Malachy, who was born in Ireland and was the Archbishop of Armagh in the 1130s, predicted there would be 112 popes after his death. Pope Benedict the XVI was the 111th Pope.
St. Malachy predicted that during the reign of the 112th Pope, the Roman Catholic Church would be persecuted and "the city of seven hills," Rome and the Vatican, would be destroyed during an end times scenario in which God passes judgment on people.
"In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End," he wrote. 

Argentinian-born Pope Francis I is not Italian, as St. Malachy's prophecy predicted the last Pope would be, but he is of Italian descent.Experts have varying interpretations and opinions on St. Malachy's work, but many Catholic scholars and clergymen have dismissed the predictions as baseless.
"Theologically and organizationally, the church pays no attention to this," Father James Weiss, a professor of church history at Boston College, told The Huffington Post. "The only thing that you would say to someone who was obsessed or curious about it would be, 'Our times are in God's hands and we can trust God's providence.' But that won't satisfy a lot of people."
Boston College's Dr. Thomas Groome, chair of the Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry agreed. "For myself — and even as a native Irishman — the 'Prophecies of St. Malachy' are a grand old fun tale that have about as much reliability as the morning horoscope," he said. 
In the same vein, some experts interpret that Nostradamus, a French physician who made hundreds of prophecies in the form of four-line quatrains, made same prediction that Pope Francis I would be the last pontiff in Quatrain II.46. "The great star for seven days shall burn / So nakedly clear like two suns appearing / The large dog all night howling / While the great Pontiff shall change his territory," he wrote. 
According to astronomers, Comet Ison, which is scheduled to pass across the sky later this year, could end up being brighter than the moon — if it survives an encounter with the sun, The Australian reported. Nostradamus' quatrains, like St. Malachy's work, were purposely written vaguely so religious zealots would not think it was witchcraft

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  1. almayasabdam says:

    Varghese Pamplanil wrote:  Who elects a new a new Pope? Holy Spirit or Mafia? Who elects a new a new Pope? Holy Spirit or Mafia? Just great Dr. Kottoor, if not fantastic, the despatch from Chicago, titled “ Who elects a new Pope, Holy Spirit or Mafia ? “.

    I would like to quote from the book “The Conclave “ by Michael Walsh, ex Jesuit priest and prominent Catholic writer.

    “Many papal elections involved violence, chicanery and corruption on a grand scale. Blood ran in the streets of Rome, gold changed hands in the corridors of power, rival factions pumped out propaganda and ambitious men caballed around the deathbeds of the popes. The high passions and low intrigues that this involved have a familiar, almost contemporary ring. The fire and spice of those times comes through to us in the surviving documents of the period. This is the raw red meat of papal history, this is not the desiccated pre- packed portions often served up in the guise of papal history. “Michael Walsh has taken this quotation  from Jeffrey Richard’s book  “ .The Popes and the Papacy in the Early Middle Ages “. Habits die hard and history repeats itself. “ The Catholic Church may teach that the choice of pope is due to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. But the violence, skullduggery and corruption that has attended the Conclave – the gathering of the cardinals responsible for electing a new pope – tells a different and compelling  story.”  ( From the review of the book ante ). The joke that goes around is that the only place the Holy Spirit never visited is Rome and Vatican because the place stinks to the high heavens. Incidentally the gnostic  “ Gospel of Philip “  says that the “  Holy Spirit is Feminine”. That is another matter. The  wool in the eye faithful in Kerala may profitably read the book “ Saints and Sinners “ by Eamon Duffy. It is a history of the popes.

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