Delhi Elections – A lesson for The Catholic Community

Delhi Elections – A lesson for The Catholic Community in the whole world. – Especially for Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala.
Jose paul (Delhi)

Jose Paul


The ordinary people of Delhi, (the poor, the lower middle class, the upper middle class and the rich people) wiped out the Bharathia Janatha Party (B,J.P). This may have many different reasons for the politicians. To the ordinary citizens of Delhi, It is not the opposition parties or their political people which caused it. It is mainly done by the very same party by their false pride, the political power at the centre and the money power and the personality cult which did it. The party and its top level leaders thought that nobody can oppose and defeat their victory run from the parliament election and the subsequent state elections. They were drunk with false pride so much that they thought wining any election is their birth right. They never thought of the people who are affected by the elections. The top people were so intoxicated with power that they forgot the very workers who worked for the party for years together and created real connections with the people. These people were simply over looked and ignored and parachuted people from all other parties whom they thought will have a chance to win and at the same time remain as slaves for the top leadership. With so much of surety of their win, the money power they used for propaganda materials with personality projection of the top leaders, the language of these leaders towards the opposition leaders became purely arrogant, abusive and ugly. Even the ordinary people who were sympathizers of the same party felt repulsive towards the party leaders. To crown it all, the fringe elements of the parivar were engaged to create communal conflicts in order to consolidate and enlarge their vote bank. The examples are the ghar Vapasi programmes against Christians and Muslims, desecrating at least five churches in the Delhi area, The exhortations to make India a Hindu Rastra, the dress code for young girls, the call to the Hindu women to bear four, five even up to ten children to increase the population of Hindus. Delhi is a city we, the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and all other community people are living with great communal harmony. The great leaders of this powerful party kept silent on all these aberrations. Ordinary people including the old sympathizers of the party saw through the hollowness of the party’s inaction. In other words the party itself demolished the party edifice to the ground level. I hope that the party will realize these follies and make amendment for these if they have to survive in future.
From the above, the Catholics of this country have got lots of lessons to learn if they have to survive here in our motherland as Catholics. The syro-Malabar Catholic Church in Kerala has become powerful and proud of their numbers in Kerala, proud of their wealth power and proud of their political and religious clout, is exactly intoxicated as that of the above party which is wiped off Delhi. In their attempt for wealth and power, they have decided to demolish the Catholic Church and its faith from the face of the earth. As a sign of this, we can see that the Syrian catholic Church Faridabad Eparchy claiming to be of high culture and traditions. The bishop wants only those who are proud of the Syrio-Malabar Catholic

traditions need to join the Syro-Malabar Church. This is happening different parts of India and also in different parts of the world. Who is working behind all this? Jesus or Satan? According to these Shepherds of Jesus, One and Only Catholic Church do not exist. That is once upon a time story. Today, there are almost two dozen different Catholic faiths. Each one will take only their people to heaven.
What is the difference between this above Ghar Vapasi and the attempt of the Fringe elements of Sangh Parivar’s Ghar Vapasi programme. We don’t have to find anything wrong with them as our esteemed shepherds of Kerala Syro-Malabar are also in the same job. Only difference is that the parivar is asking all of us to go back to our original beginning. These shepherds are asking all the Syrian faithful to go half way and stop there. If you are genuine, why not be honest enough to admit our original culture and heritage. Take all of us along with all of material wealth and religious institutions and join the parivar. You can easily demolish the church to ground zero and at the same time go back to our proud culture and heritage.
The syro-Malabar Church in Kerala became so powerful that they, without consulting the Catholics in different places, parachuted some Kerala priests as bishops, where the Catholic Church is already working as One and Only Catholic Church. Exactly as the B.J.P. parachuted new B.J.P leaders who did not even know the philosophy of B.J.P. These priests have no connect with the Catholic Community where they landed. The mandate of these new priests and Bishops? Create division within the Catholic Church and crucify Him again. Demolish the Church. Some of them have succeeded very well in this. Not to serve Christ but to destroy His Church. What is the reason for all these? False pride. False Faith
The young Catholic men and women see through all these manipulations of the Prelates. As a result many of them are losing their faith and many of them are keeping away from the priests and Bishops and keep their catholic faith safe so that it may not be contaminated.
I hope that these prelates will realize their follies and correct themselves even if needs a heartfelt apology and come back to Catholic Church. Let us hope that the coming generation will see and love Jesus as one true path to their salvation and help to build a Catholic Church worthy to be that of the real followers of Jesus.

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