Introductory note of Explanation of this publication in Church Citizens’ Voice (CCV) from the CCV editor


Cover image: Bishop Gallela Prasad of Kadapa (Cudappah) Andhra Pradesh.






James kottoorI received the letter of alleged complaints against Kadappa bishop, from Ravi Kumar Mesa (see it below)  on July 6th, while I was still in Chicago. Since it was a serious matter about a supposed to be responsible bishop in the Catholic church, I have been writing letters to responsible sources of information, including bishops of Hyderabad, Vizag, Nuncio and even to Bishop Gallela whom I supported with many articles, when he was brutally attacked by upper caste Reddy priests, but could not receive any reply from any one.

          So in a desperate attempt I sent the whole letter with the attested proofs of Ravi Kumar, to all bishops of India. Today it is July 29th and have not received a word of reply from any of the honorable India bishops. So I am now publishing it in the  CCV for the information of the General public, especially for those who call themselves Catholics.

          As you can see this is not a judgment on any one but a serious effort to find out the TRUTH, Yes the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth. TRANSPARANCY is expected to be the hall mark of those who follow the MAN from Nazareth called JESUS. It should first be the hall mark of the clerical class, especially the Bishops, who claim to be the GEMS AND CROWNING GLORY of the Catholic Church in India.  They should never be allowed to hide or rest behind a conspiracy  of silence and cover up of criminalities perpetrated under their nose, which Pope Francis repeated forbids.

          In spite of that it happened in Chile. And Francis is going ahead and cleaning it up. We suspected that it is happening also in India and strongly suggested similar cleansing of the  temple to take place also in India. A beginning is already made in Ernakulam and Jalandar dioceses. According to our information, it is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

          Will the Indian Hierarchy rise up  to the occasion and come clean, in practicing TRANSPARENCY as the Chile bishops were forced to do it by Francis Pappa? Please, you readers, come out with your constructive suggestions, to help us, the CCV, the laity in India, the priests and bishops in India. We are not in a witch hunt, we want to reflect the God of Francis, whose name is MERCY & COMPASSION. HE IS THE PRODIGAL FATHER. Won’t you help us? TRUTH IS MIGHTY AND MUST BE MADE TO PREVAIL, with no cover up. james kottoor, editor ccv.



Dear Bishops of India, 


Greetings from james kottoor,  chief editor of Church Citizens' Voice for the last four years,residing in Kochi.


Ever since I received this letter from Sri Ravi Kumar Mesa with many attested proofs from Kadappa against Bishop Gallela of Kadappa, I have been writing to many supposed to be responsible sources to find out the veracity of these allegations with no success, no one responding.


Ever since he was brutally attacked by upper caste Reddy priests more than a year ago, CCV has been writing many articles in support of Gallela. But confronted with these hard to deny proofs provided by Sri Revi Kumar,it looks we have been supporting him, as Pope Francis was supporting in good faith Bishop Barros of Chile.


But there can't be a cover up of criminal deeds by all Indian bishops, as it happened in Chile. So I am sending this to all bishops, hoping at least some one may deign to speak the truth they know and doesn't cover it up with silence.


In any case bishop of Jalandar and my own friend Cardinal Alencherry are out in the open being investigated upon. Kadapa case is preceding them all and must be in the know of all Indian bishops if there is any modicum of truth about it. 


So I am writing this as an insignificant follower of the Man from Nazareth called Jesus and  of none other. I thank you in advance for any word of reply or information.  james kottoor.





Mr.Ravi Kumar Mesa, President  
B.Tech (Mechanical)


Door No. 26/1/510

Society Colony,


KADAPA (District.),

Andhra Pradesh State,  INDIA

Email : ravikumarmesa@gmail.com


17 July 2018













Your  Respected Chief Editor  Mr.James , 

SUBJECT :  The Indian Judicial Court  has ordered  URGENT LEGAL NOTICE  (O.S. No. 32 / 2018 ) to the  secretly Married Indian Catholic Bishop Gallela Prasad , Bishop of Cuddapah (Kadapa)  Diocese, Andhra Pradesh, India and also to his wife Mrs.Gallela Sujatha to appear in the court on 6th July, 2018 based on the legal certified documents  for secret marriage, secret family life, cheating, misappropriation of foreign funds, purchase of expensive properties for his wife Mrs.Gallela Sujatha (46 years old) and BE VERY SURE THAT SHE IS NOT THE WIFE OF HIS DEAD-BROTHER, BUT HIS OWN WIFE DECLARED BY HIMSELF IN THE LEGAL LAND DOCUMENT,  their son Mr.Gallela Junior Prasad (19 years old) certified in Aadhar Card, CBSE Board of mark list and 100% crystal – clear documents are enclosed.  Married bishop is escaping from the court orders and collecting money secretly and silently in Catholic Dioceses in USA to look after his own secret family of wife and son.

My name is Mr. Ravi Mesa , 40 years old,  a born Dalit (backward caste-community) Catholic-Christian,  graduate in Mechanical Engineering, teaching for a technical institute of 1,800 young students , and myself educated by our Holy Mother Catholic Church. I have been standing for Dalit rights and voice of the people. It is sad that our own Dalit Bishop Gallela Prasad along with his wife Gallela Sujatha has misused and abused and exploited our own Dalit poor Christians , secretly married and cheated the believers and deviated the huge funds of the Dalit Christian poor children for the luxury and lavish life of his “secret wife”  Mrs.Gallela Sujatha and their “secret son”  Mr.Gallela Junior Prasad, while thousands of poor Dalit Christian children have no basic facilities and opportunities. 

The Honourable Court believes and confirms the canonical and civil violations by this secretly married “ holy ” catholic bishop along with his wife and ORDERED the URGENT LEGAL NOTICE TO HIM AND TO HIS WIFE MRS.GALLELA SUJATHA to be present on 6th July, 2018 at 10.00 am

AUTHENTICITY: After 100%  verification and confirmation of official documents certified by legal and civil authorities of State Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Central Government of India, the Judicial Magistrate ordered URGENT NOTICE  to Married Catholic Bishop Gallela Prasad and to his wife Mrs.Gallela Sujatha to appear in the court on 6th July, 2018  for cheating the civil society, religious hierarchy and the faith of the public for their  illegalities, irregularities and corrupted methods.

If you  need any further information about the authenticity of the legal documents , you can contact the archbishop of Hyderabad, India.

 Phone : 91 – (040) – 27805545, 27805418

Fax : (040) 27800709                   Email : archdiohyd@gmail.com    abphydtbala@gmail.com      shepherdscallhyd@gmail.com   

For the past few years with all my  humble obedience and reverence to the Catholic hierarchy,  I sent several times several proofs of documents, letters, emails and reminders about the canonical violations of Married Bishop Gallela Prasad with genuine proofs; to my great dismay and sadness, the Church authorities were silent about the massive corruption, illegal relations , canonical violations and religious scandals of Married bishop Gallela Prasad.  Some hierarchical authorities were covering up the secrets and were lacking the spiritual integrity and honesty.

Due to the irresponsible silence of the hierarchical authorities of Catholic Church,  I knocked at the door of Indian Judiciary by  bringing those malpractices and illegalities of married bishop Gallela Prasad and his secret wife from darkness to light. Anyone with simple faith can understand the dubious methods and cheating practices of this “bogus –holy-married-catholic-bishop Gallela Prasad “ who enjoys life with wife and son without any shame, dignity , morality and spirituality. 

It is such a disgrace for Holy Catholic Church  for tolerating and silencing the truth and justice, despite humble reminders. It is such a massive scandal for the faith of simple and humble believers like you and me.

I am enclosing 24 PROOFS OF DOCUMENTS FOR ANYONE’S VERIFICATION about the DARK SECRETS of this scandalous married catholic bishop of Kadapa diocese. Many legal documents are also available through online. Anyone can contact me at any time for any verification for the good of the Church and the faith of the simple poor Christians especially poor Dalit Christians. 

It is my humble prayer to you  that already the Catholic church in the diocese of Kadapa is in the street without a spiritual leader as Bishop Gallela Prasad and his wife Mrs. Gallela Sujatha are absconding from the Judicial orders and notices. It is my humble prayer to you that please take a remedial action as the scandal of the married RCM bishop is rocking the public furiously. If Catholic hierarchy in India  still continues with irresponsible silence, We will represent the matter to the honourable President of India Shri. Ramnath Kovindh and the honourable Prime Minister of India Shri.Narendra Modi for further action as  lot of foreign funds are misused, many illegalities and irregularities, violations of canon law and civil law are crystal clear with clear proof of legal documents. 

I am sorry to state that Bishop Gallela Prasad continues to misguide the ecclesiastical hierarchy by repeatedly saying that the documents are forged and not true. He is instigating the young priests belonging to  his caste to confuse the people with rumors that the documents are fake  which in fact are very legal and official. The senior priests verified the documents and are waiting for the church to take action. The more it is delayed, the greater the damage to the church. The Catholic Church in Kadapa is in turmoil and burning but married bishop Gallela Prasad is coolly collecting money in America going after diocese to diocese in USA  as if nothing happened. 


The list of legal document officially attested are enclosed along with this mail:

01.   The Court order attested  (please see link above)

02.    English Brief Documentation of  Married Catholic bishop Gallela Prasad’s illegalities
         (please see link above)

03.   Telugu Brief Documentation of  Married Catholic bishop Gallela Prasad’s violations

04.   Bishop’s 1st Gift of expensive land & house property to his wife Gallela Sujatha in the Archdiocese of Vizag city, State of Andhra Pradesh, India. (please see link above)

05.   Bishop’s 2nd Gift of expensive land& house property to his wife Gallela Sujatha in the Archdiocese of Bangalore city, State of Karnataka, India./;p[

06.   24 proofs of detailed legal documents

07.   Photos and family life of Married Catholic Bishop Gallela Prasad


Waiting to hear from your good selves, in view of protecting the image and integrity of the Church in the Diocese of Cuddapah (Kadapa), Andhra Pradesh,  India.

In respect and obedience,

Mr.Ravi Kumar Mesa , President, B.Tech (Mechanical) 



Door No. 26/1/510, Society Colony, 

Jammalamadugu – 516 434,

Kadapa District,

Andhra Pradesh State, India.

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  1. Denis Daniel says:

    I fully endorse Chhotebhi's opinion.

  2. Chhotebhai says:

    CCV must be congratulated for breaking this story. I also appreciate James Kottoor for waiting 24 days and contacting all the affected persons before doing so. The media has to play a prophetic role in exposing injustice just like the prophet Nathan confronted King David the murderer and rapist. The grave charges against this bishop are, being married with a 19 year old son and transferring valuable property to his alleged family. A lot of documentary evidence has been collated by the complainant, and the matter is now apparently in court, and therefore public knowledge. The silence of the ecclesiastical leadership is deafening. Are they being like ostriches burying their heads in the sand? Day by day we are losing confidence in our so-called pastors.

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