Curse of ‘Pure-blood’ marriage! Stll haunting Chicago-Church?


dr. james kottoor

 We (CCV) are publishing below a Memorandum from KCRM and a report from Biju Udup (see both given blow) regarding a festering wound (cancerous to a great extent because it has spread from Kerala to Chicago) called pure blood marriage practice or endogamy, a racist practice frankly speaking, still followed strictly in Kottayam, Kerala and in Chicago diocese in a diluted form. 


Rotten Apple=endogamy 

James kottoorA whole lot has been written and for too long about this leprous blister disfiguring the fair face of the Syromalabar Church and so we don’t go into it any more now. A rotten apple makes the whole basket go stinking beyond measure. The rotten apple is Endogamy which got into Syromalabar Church through Kottayam diocese in Kerala and it has extended its dirty tentacles even to Chicago and wherever the “Syro (now referred to as ‘Zero’ with shame)” has chosen to expand itself through ‘religious colonization’ euphemistically called ‘evangelization’ because it is not good news that is being spread but bad news of division and expulsion.

Now to the Memorandrum of KCRM first: It is all about treating the disfigured  face of Chicago made unbearably ugly and loathsome due to the obstinate refusal of the top brass to let it  undergo treatment or surgery.



KCRM (Kerala Catholic Reformation Movement) is a lay organization started in 1990  as corrective force to restrain its erring Church leadership there (wolves in sheep’s clothing?). In a family usually it is the parental leadership that disciplines the wayward children. But in the case of  Syromalabar Church in Kerala and Chicago it is the laity and the topmost authorities in Rome (Oriental Congregation) who are up in arms against the Syromalabar Hierarchy’s flirting with ‘endogamy’ for worldly motives.

But the efforts of both are proving futile to make leadership in Chicago see reason and sense. Only because  remote control from Kerala failed miserably that KCRM started its North American version in 2017 in Chicago headed by Sri Chacko Kalarickal,  as its General Coordinator.

As far as the practice, nay even the semblance or tolerance of pureblood racist marriage in US or anywhere outside Kottayam, Kerala is concerned, the Vatican’s Oriental Congregation had made its firm stand clear already in 1986. The latest directive they received from OC  was on March 02, 2018.  Now we are in the second week of June.


    Inaction of Chicago Bishop

Even after three months if Bishop Angadiath of Chicago has not responded constructively, one wonders if there is something wrong with his eardrums since we don’t want to blame him for turning a deaf year to the clear directions of OC. The latest unequivocal direction the OC gives is that no parish in US is “endogamous” and the misleading word used by Angadiath  must be  removed “strictly”  for “clarity”. We can force unruly children to obey,  but who will make parents obey, “Who will guard the guards themselves”(Qui custodiet ipsos custodes?)”

KCRM has also threatened Angadiath with civil suit (“you may be exposing the diocese to civil liability claims in the millions of dollars if a class action lawsuit is filed against you”). Instead of doing that we would advise KCRM to  be more considerate and Christian  and treat him as outcast or foreigner as the Bible directs. After advising him directly and through mediators, is it not better not to humiliate him further to appear in a pagan’s court as a public criminal? After all Church is the people of God although some of its leaders are becoming blind guids. Jesus called such leaders of his times hypocrites, white washed sepulchers, brood of vipers etc, but did no physical harm to them.


Handling incorrigibles, how?

Some of us in the CCV have given up on these blind leaders as they are proving themselves to be incorrigible and counter witness to Christ. So we (ccv) started their CATTLE CLASS to arrest their counter-witnessing.

Their aim is to highlight the company of Jesus born in Cattle shed and lived homeless in the midst of the poor and needy. That was Jesus’ way of self- emptying, his foot-washing ministry to suit various human needs. Our motto is never to  support these incorrigible  clerical leaders with one’s hard earned money to build concrete wonders because the creator of the universe is not looking for posh residential quarters for rent to live here below.


Taking back the Excommunicated?

It was also reported that the Oriental Congregation(OC) had directed Bishop  Angadiath to take back all Catholics excommunicated from the diocese allegedly for getting married to a partner from another diocese and not endogamous. According to estimates they are  around a lakh.  They would be the most happy people to be freed from their excommunication. But even after three months of the order from OC no report of any practical action initiated is heard. May be the  authorities are wondering how to save both their face and  their souls. May they find a happy compromise.


        Happenings in Kottayam

The second report below is from Biju Udup about endogamy still tolerated  or practised in Kottayam diocese and the court case still going on against it. How could the Catholic church  allow such a monstrosity,  a contradiction of the principles of equality,  Catholicity and brotherhood of all humans practised anywhere in the world?

To make it appear that Kottayam diocese never expels anyone for marriying outside, what they do is to deny them first the sacrament of marriage. When they apply for it again the diocese asks them to get permission to leave the diocese to get married. So those who want to marry an outsider, voluntarily leaves and so the authorities  don’t have to be blamed for expelling them. This is how the crooks get around the law and Jesus called them by their proper name: “Hyprocrites!”


Happy with the lowly placed

In one of our earlier articles years ago we had pointed out even Jesus did not have pure Jewish blood running in his veins since one  of his grandmothers was of pagan origin. 

So we all should rather take delight  to be in the company of the one who had to be born in Cattle shed (hence Cattle Class) because there was “no room for him in the Inn” of the comfortable class of Kottayam Diocese.  None of us  want to be in the company of the   pure blood unions and  their promoters. james kottoor, editor ccv.

Please read below the Memorandum and report on Kottayam diocese


Memorandum to Bishop

Mar Jacob Angadiath

To:      Bishop of St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago,

            372 S. Prairie Avenue, Elmhurst, IL 60126-4020, U.S.A.

From:  Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement (KCRM) North  Amerida

Date: May 20, 2018


Dear Bishop Jacob Angadiath,

       Let me introduce Kerala Catholic church Reformation Movement-North America. It is an independent Lay Organization established in 2017. KCRM exists in Kerala since 1990 and we function as a branch of that Organization.

        We task ourselves as a corrective force in the Catholic Church as well as to educate the church citizens through research, discussions, debates and publishing church related articles, etc.

       We also promote ‘Sathyajwala’ magazine, the KCRM publication. We regularly conduct International Teleconferences to discuss various issues affecting the Christian Churches especially the Syro-Malabar Church.

       The participants of the Teleconference of KCRM–NA on May 09, 2018, based on their discussion, unanimously decided to send this Memorandum to you and entrusted the responsibility to me. The topic of that Teleconference was “Endogamy and Parish Membership”.

        We discussed the subject in detail starting from the ‘Rescript’ issued by the Oriental Congregation (OC) in 1986 and the latest directive you received from OC on March 02, 2018 regarding membership to non-endogamous Knanaya families and the adopted children in Knanaya parishes/missions in your diocese.

        The OC in their letter stated that your pastoral letter, issued on September 19, 2014, is not acceptable and it is against the Instructions given to you on November 21, 2001 at the outset of your episcopal ministry. The OC again requested you to remind your people that no parish/mission is endogamous in any sense. OC even went on to say that the word you used “strictly” must be removed for “clarity”. We believe that this is still the case even after the OC issued the clarification letter on March 02, 2018.

      We, the members of the KCRM-NA find it extremely disconcerting to understand that you are disregarding the directive of the OC to let the community know that no Knanaya parish/mission is endogamous. We are concerned that you still refuse to give membership to non-endogamous Knanaya families and adopted children in the Knanaya parishes/missions in your diocese claiming they are not “pure” Knananites even though the OC directed you to give membership to all persons of Knanaya lineage.

       Since it is an issue involving racial discrimination we are concerned that you may be exposing the diocese to civil liability claims in the millions of dollars if a class action lawsuit is filed against you. KERALA CATHOLIC CHURCH REFORMATION MOVEMENT NORTH AMERICA  Your refusal to end discrimination in your diocese is maligning the good name of the Catholic Church and Syro-Malabar Church in particular.


       KCRM-NA, therefore, request you to take immediate steps to comply with the directives of the Oriental Congregation. We request you to send a pastoral letter at the earliest to all parishes/missions in your diocese regardless of Northist or Southist intimating them the directive of OC and letting the parishioners know that no parish/mission is endogamous in your diocese.

Yours in Christ,

 Chacko Kalarickal, General Coordinator, KCRM–North America

13337 Windham Drive, Washington Township, MI 48094-3175, USA

Phone: (586) 601-5195 • Email:


Regional Coordinators: George Poozhikala (Qubec, Canada), Abraham Kandankery (North York, Canada), Jacob Kallupurackal, JD (Boston, MA), Alex Kavumpurath (Elmont, NY), Dr. N. P. Sheela (Bronx, NY), Joseph Padannamakkal (Valley Cottage, NY), Dr. Thomas Palackal (White Plains, NY), Paulson Kolangaden (Belle Mead, NJ), Mani Maliekal (Philadelphia, PA), Sojan Pulickal (San Diego, CA) James Kureekkattil (Rochester Hills, MI), Jose Kalliduckil (Chicago, IL), George Neduvelil (Cooper City, FL), Andrews Cherian (North Port, FL), Jose Puthikunnel (Los Angeles, CA)


  • Leonardo Cardinal Sandri, Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches
  • George Cardinal Alancherry, Major Arch Bishop, Syro-Malabar Church
  • Mathew Moolekatt, Metropolitan, Archeparchy of Kottayam
  • C.V. Sebastian Mlattusseril, Prsident, Kerela Catholic church Reformation Movement



Sign in or join


Stop Endogamy Expulsion from

Knanaya Catholic Church


Holy Father, Pope Francis; Congregation for the Oriental Churches, Rome; Leonardo Cardinal Sandri & Archbishop Cyril Vasil’, SJ [Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, Archbishop of Kottayam Diocese]


      We would like to request you to put an end to the racial practice of ENDOGAMY EXPULSION FROM THE KNANAYA CATHOLIC CHURCHES.We are a group of proud Knanaya and non-knanaya members who are working towards stopping the expulsion of members from the Kottayam diocese based on the practice of endogamy in Kerala (India) and abroad which is under the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.

        Based on an alleged custom and tradition, the practice of the Kottayam archdiocese, is that if a member enters into a marriage with another Catholic (non-endogamous marriage), the member is asked to leave the eparchy of Kottayam and is not granted any sacraments.

        The denial of sacrament forces members to write a letter to the Kottayam Diocese seeking voluntarily requesting change of diocese to get married. This voluntary letter helps Kottayam diocese to claim that they do not expel any one from the diocese, as all members have asked for voluntary change of diocese.

       It is clearly an EXPULSION but doing it indirectly!! The member is compelled to join another Catholic diocese along with his/her spouse. Their biological and/or adopted children will not be allowed to be members of the Knanaya diocese and all the sacraments are denied. Kottayam diocese expels members selectively on the basis of racial considerations, which is clearly unchristian, unconstitutional & violates basic human rights.

        This tradition being practiced to protect presumed racial/blood purity of the Knanaya community. As a result of this practice, many young men and women in the community remain unmarried for fear of the ignominy of getting married to a non-Knanaya Catholic and getting expelled from the community.

       This unchristian and uncivil practice inflicts psychological and emotional wounds on many families and children. This diocese does not evangelize and bring people from outside into the Christian fold as taught by Jesus Christ to preach the word of God to all mankind and to baptise them. 

        This knanaya reform movement is formed by those who are married within the community as well as those who have married from outside the community. We believe all live according to the word of God and are guided by the Holy Spirit and NOT by Knanaya spirit ( evil Kna-spirit). 

        We urge every Knanya member to be proud of your heritage but support our mission, which is to stop expulsion of members from the parish and diocese based on the practice of endogamy and calling for the church leaders to recognise that "Church is a place of Mercy and Hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven"- Pope Francis

         He said "Therefore what god has joined together, let no man Separate"(Matthew 19:6). Purity of blood of a Knanaya member is a myth and untrue. DNA ancestry test carried out on Knanaya members born of both Knanaya parents and grand parents shows about 90% south Asian lineage. This is a scientific proof that Knanaya members do not have so called Jewish bloodline. Evidence will be available to present at court proceedings when required.

        We understand Knanaya Catholic church has a status of personal Parish recognised by Rome, If majority wants to continue with endogamy practice in the community that’s their choice and we respect that, however, if minority decide NOT to follow this discriminatory practice they should have the choice to remain in their church without being expelled from their Church which is against the directives given from Rome since 1986, this is yet to be implemented. In 1911 when the Kottayam Diocese was formed by Pope Pius X also does not explicitly mention such expulsions are allowed in any documents.

         Although Community and Church is interlinked it has its differences, Church should always welcome anyone who wish follow Christ. Endogamy expulsion is against Christian principles. Let God help the community leaders to understand this distinction between the community and Church !! Our ultimate aim is to put an end to the current crisis faced by kananya church regarding this matter and make the church fit for the future generation !!




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